Can I Transfer My High School Credits to Penn Foster?

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You may want to know whether you are able to transfer your high school credits to Penn Foster or not. If you wonder about it, you are able to read the explanation about it below according to the Penn Foster site.

Transferring My High School Credits to Penn Foster

According to the Best Accredited Colleges site, Penn Foster accepts credits from high school and other universities, but they need to perform a credit evaluation first. The course needs to meet Penn Foster’s standards where those include a minimum grade of a ‘C’ in the course. To be able to transfer credits from one institution to another, an official transcript is needed. Transcripts are accepted by mail and electronically.

The thing that Penn Foster will do is to look at your transcripts from high school and prior colleges and see what can be transferred to your new degree program. It is important for you to note that Penn Foster does not charge for transcript reviews. However, they permit up to 75% of credits to be transferred. It is also important for you to note that all credits which are approved will be deducted from the overall tuition and courses will be adjusted.

Transferring to Penn Foster High School

You may have a plan to move to Penn Foster High School and now you wonder how to transfer to Penn Foster High School. Let’s say that you are a traditional-age student, a parent who hopes to enroll their child in online high school or an adult learner who wants to finish their diploma. If so, Penn Foster High School can help you.

Penn Foster offers online classes which permit you to be able to study at the pace that works best for you and your schedule. You do not have to start your high school studies from the start. Let’s say that you have completed grades at another school in the past. If so, you may have some classes that you are able to transfer in. It is important for you to note that Penn Foster expert transcript evaluators will determine what classes transfer and what do not.

As explained on the Penn Foster site, Penn Foster is only able to accept transfer credits from regionally accredited high schools. This accreditation is had by all public schools, but there are some private schools that may not have it. So, it is better to check it again before you send transcripts in for review.

Penn Foster is also only able to accept credits for classes that you completed during a full school year. Let’s take an example. Let’s say that you completed the 9th and 10th grade, but left high school in the middle of 11th grade. If so, the possibility is that you will have transfer classes from the first two years, but not the third. The reason is because schools have different systems for breaking down the year, from quarters to trimesters. If you left in the middle of a year, it may mean that you did not fully complete the coursework that is needed for transferring the class.

Penn Foster is only able to accept classes that you passed. If you successfully complete a course, it means that you will not need to repeat it. Generally, it is a minimum of 65 or, in letter grades, a D. The curriculum at Penn Foster follows the national standards, teaching math, science, English, and social studies courses, along with elective options. To transfer classes, they must match up with courses that Penn Foster offers. It can mean that sometimes, a class is not equivalent and will not transfer even if you meet all the other requirements. However, it is important to note that most classes from traditional schools do match, so you will discover that it does not happen often.

If you think that you do not have any credits eligible to transfer in, you are able to send a copy of your transcripts for a no-cost pre-evaluation. Evaluators from Penn Foster will take a look and let you know what will and will not transfer before you enroll.

The Way Transfer Credit Works

For your information, to transfer credits that you have obtained from one school to another depends on some different things. Usually, a school will check your records to see whether the classes that you have finished match any they offer. They need to ensure that what you learned there is the same enough so that you will not be left behind or at a disadvantage in more advanced classes.

Note that transferring credits from one school to another is not as simple as English class transferring as English to a new school. For instance, you took an American Literature course. If so, it will not be similar to a British Literature course. It is possible that a school would not consider those classes interchangeable. Here are some things that all schools see when they decide what classes that they will or will not transfer in.

  • The school you’re transferring from
  • The school’s accreditation
  • Your grades
  • When you finished the class

Nevertheless, every school can decide what credits and work that they will or will not accept even if your previous education meets all the requirements.

The Things To Do Before You Enroll to Penn Foster High School

Let’s say that you are not sure that online high school is the correct option for you. If so, you may want to know how much work you have left to graduate before you make a tuition payment. So, the thing that you can do is to get a pre-evaluation of your transcript. As explained on the Penn Foster site, a pre-evaluation is a very good estimate of what classes will transfer into Penn Foster High School based on your unofficial transcripts. Note that transcripts are considered unofficial if they are not in a sealed envelope directly from the school.

To begin the process, you are able to reach out to an Admissions Specialist of Penn Foster at 1.888.427.6500. By reaching them, you will be advised about the best way to send in your unofficial transcripts. They will reach out to you when your evaluation is done to go over the classes you are expected to take. From there, you are able to decide to enroll.

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