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In this modern era and in the mid of pandemic, everything is done online. Brazosport ISD (Independent School District) is aware of the technology advancement and the needs of technology. They know what’s up and they always try their best to provide and to serve everyone with the best thing that they can.

One of the excellent things done by Brazosport ISD (Independent School District) is making a thing known as Brazosport ISD Student Portal. As you can guess from its name, it is designed for the students of Brazosport ISD (Independent School District), which include the students of Brazoswood High School, Brazosport High School, Clute Intermediate School, Freeport Intermediate School, Lake Jackson Intermediate School, R. O’Hara Lanier Middle School, Grady B. Rasco Middle School, Stephen F. Austin elementary, A. P. Beutel Elementary School, Bress Brennen Elementary School, Freeport Elementary School, Madge Griffith Elementary School, Elisabeth Ney Elementary School, T. W. Ogg elementary, Gladys Polk Elementary, O. M. Roberts Elementary, Velasco Elementary School, and Lighthouse Learning Center.

Brazosport ISD Student Portal

If you are not familiar with Brazosport ISD Student Portal, it is described as an online gateway for the students. In this kind of portal, you as a student is able to login in to the portal to get the important program information. The portal saves a lot of kinds of information, including course offered, transcripts, attendance, grades, email programs, timetables, exam schedules, department contact numbers, and many other ones. In the same place, you will be able to find the links to useful web sources, such as research tools and online journals.

Brazosport Student Portal is the best thing ever. In addition to makes it easier for you to access a lot of important information as you can do it anywhere and anytime you want, it also saves schools printing and paper costs. Plus, it is also good for the environment as it uses fewer resources.

To be able to get such important information mentioned before, it is a must for you to log in to the Brazosport Student Portal. In order to log in to the Brazosport Student Portal, you can follow the guide below. Before anything, please use your Chromebook login to access the portal.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to no other than the official website of Brazosport ISD, which is
  2. When you are on the frontpage, you will be able to see many things. If you have no idea what to do, you actually have to find the menus that are white on blue. They are located at the top of the page but not that top.
  3. There are several menus with white on blue. Point on your cursor to the fourth one from left, which is RESOURCES, and scroll down a bit, and find the thing called Student Self Serve that is included in PARENT/STUDENT RESOURCES. You might be wondering why should you choose Student Self Serve when you are going to Brozosport Student Portal. Apparently, Student Self Serve is the official name of Brozosport Student Portal. Please click the option after finding it. By following the step, you will be taken to the page of Student Self Serve.
  4. In the Student Self Serve, there is a button that should be clicked to be able to log in to Brazosport Student Portal. The name of the button is Logon Here button. since it is white in red, it should be easy for you to find it.
  5. When you click on the Logon Here button, you will be directed to Frontline Education. Apparently, Brazosport ISD (Independent School District) teams up with a school administration software that with the function to proactively manage the students and processes from anywhere for the sake of the greater student success called Frontline Education. In this page, you will be asked to enter two things, your User ID and password. Please enter every single thing.
  6. After entering these two things, do not forget to click the Sign On button. Just like that you are signing into Student Self Serve or Brozosport Student Portal.

the campus to provide your access once you complete the registration. After your account has been authorized by the school, you will be able to log in to Student Self Serve.

In case you forgot your password, the good news is that there is a link called Forgot Password that makes it possible for you to recover your password. You can just click on the link and follow the rest of the instructions. Retrieving the password requires you to enter your User ID. It means there is no chance for you do it as a guest.

Not only that, you also have a chance to change the password if you feel like your password is in danger as you think someone else that you do not trust knows it. In this kind of case, it is always a good idea to change the password in order to protect the important information. Just like retrieving the password, changing the password also requires you to enter your User ID, which means there is no way to do it as a guest.

It should be easy for you to access Brozosport Student Portal if you follow everything well. If you have some questions to ask, you can fill in a form that is able to be found on the official website of Brozosport ISD. In this form, there are several information to be completed, including your name, your email address, your phone number, and the comments. In addition to that, it is also needed for you to choose one of the parties. Some of these parties include Administration Building, Stephen F. Austin STEM Academy, A. P. Beutel Elementary, Bess Brannen Elementary, Freeport Elementary, Madge Griffith Elementary, Velasco Elementary, Transportation, Clute Intermediate, Lake Jackson Intermediate, Lighthouse Learning Center, Brazos Success Academy, and many more. After completing the form, the last thing that you have to do is to press the Submit button.

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