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Are you planning to take the Medical Billing and Coding program and are considering the one offered by Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc.? If the answer to the question is yes, you might want to see the review of this program from  Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc.

About Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc.  

Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc. provide medical career programs that have been accredited nationally and have been certified. Some of these programs include Medical Assistant and Medical Billing & Coding programs. According to its official website, the intention of the school accreditation is to use the standards of evaluation to secure the quality education, to support the institution in the term of improving the quality of the education, and to secure the accountability of the educational institutions as well as providing public confidence in educational institutions.

Branson Online Medical Billing and Coding Reviews

The accrediting bodies are the ones that give the accreditation status. For those who have no idea, they refer to non-governmental organizations that have been made with the mission to review the higher education institutions and programs. The process of the accreditation makes sure to include the review of the faculty of the school, recruiting practices, admissions procedures, course content, and so on. With the role of accreditors, each school is responsible to keep working as the effort to improve the quality and results of the education they give. Usually, the employers ask the job applicants whether they have their education from an academic program with accreditation or not.

Each program offered by the Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc., including the Medical Billing & Coding program, are fully accredited and certified by NACA or National Accreditation and Certification Association and DETO or Distance Education Training Organization.

About Medical Billing and Coding Program offered by Branson Online

Branson Online has an innovative Medical Billing and Coding program. This one is totally self paced and you are free to log into the program whenever you want to study at your convenience. Due to the fact that it is so convenient and flexible, a lot of students manage to finish in a minimum of 4-8 weeks. Compared to most of the older traditional classroom programs, it is clearly quicker. On top of that, there are no time limits or deadlines and you are allowed to take as long as needed and you have a chance to complete the program at a pace that is most suitable for you. It means there is no pressure to finish the assignment or to complete the program.

The outline of Medical Billing and Coding program:

  • Class 1: Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding
  • Class 2: Introduction to Health Insurance Plans
  • Class 3: Processing a Medical Claim
  • Class 4: Medical and Diagnostic Coding (ICD-10)
  • Class 5: Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
  • Class 6: Introduction to the CMS 1500 Form
  • Class 7: Commercial Insurance
  • Class 8: Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Class 9: Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare
  • Class 10: Processing Workers Compensation Claims
  • Class 11: Advanced Billing and Coding

The specialist exam of Medical Billing and Coding program:

At the end of the program, each student has to successfully complete the online Medical Billing and Coding exam. The whole test is completely online and self pace. In case you do not pass this test, it might be needed for you to retake the test until you pass the passing grade. On the brighter news, the additional tests will not charge you, meaning it is 100% free.

Actually, not passing the test is a rare case. More than 95% of the students usually pass the exam on the first try because the team of Branson is good at preparing the students so that they can face the test and get the good result.

Recommended study aid:

Once you have completed the registration, you can access all materials to successfully complete the program. Everything is available online. You are also suggested to purchase the textbook called Understanding Health Insurance by Michelle A Green and JoAnn C Rowell that is available on Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Better Books, and so on.


  • It allows the students to work at their own pace.
  • The students are able to create their own schedule.
  • It has a four day school week.
  • The teachers are great and really care about education.
  • There are a lot of online activities, such as math and science.
  • It has field trips, where students are able to meet the other students and their teachers.
  • It allows the students to graduate early and work ahead of the class.


  • The extracurricular options are limited, mainly because it is an online school and most of them are through the third parties, such as gyms.


The Medical Billing & Coding program by Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc. is perfect for those who want to balance the study and their social life. Just like any other programs, this one is also flexible so there is no pressure.

Some Alternatives to Bronson Online for Medical Billing and Coding Program

If you are still not sure with the Branson Online or Branson Medical Career Training School, Inc. and open the possibility to join the other ones, you might need some alternatives below.

  1. Northland Community and Technical College

Location: Thief River Falls, MN

Graduation Rate: 42%

  1. Central Texas College

Location: Killeen, TX

Graduation Rate: 17%

  1. Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Graduation Rate: 65%

  1. Central Maine Community College

Location: Auburn, ME

Graduation Rate: 29%

  1. Northwest Technical College

Location: Bemidji, MN

Graduation Rate: 42%

  1. Highland Community College

Location: Highland, KS

Graduation Rate: 35%

  1. Metropolitan Community College

Location: Omaha, NE

Graduation Rate: 16%

  1. Laramie County Community College

Location: Cheyenne, WY

Graduation Rate: 28%

  1. Minnesota State College Southeast

Location: Winona, MN

Graduation Rate: 41%

  1. Eastern Gateway Community College

Location: Steubenville, OH

Graduation Rate: 14%

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