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If you are a teacher who often uses online learning and teacher platforms, you may be familiar with BrainPOP. Yep, BrainPOP is a based-video platform designed for teaching which uses animated characters to educate the students; Moby and Tim.

BrainPOP aims to create its own educational content hosted by the same characters providing consistency to the content and also helps the students feel comfortable. A wide range of subjects available on videos aims to take more complex issues and offer each in a simplified way. Let’s find out the review of BrainPOP to convince you to start using this platform!

BrainPOP Review for Teachers

How Does BrainPOP Work?

BrainPOP shows you two main characters, they are Moby and Tim who host the clips effectively and ensure the sometimes complex topics are simple and engaging, even for younger students. All of the features available on BrainPOP aims to allow the students to engage more and be easily assessed by teachers.

The topics available on BrainPOP range from basics such as English and Mathematic to more complex issues such as geometry, politics and genetics. Alongside the likes of health and engineering to name a few other areas, this online platform also covers social-emotional learning to offer CASEL model content to students.

How to Access BrainPOP?

Since it is an online-based platform, you definitely can access this from any browser. This platform will work on most devices with a great enough internet connection to stream the cartoon videos.

To use BrainPOP, you may need to sign up first. After you sign up, the teachers can then share videos with the class and the students can also get access on their devices. Of course, it makes it useful in the classroom and beyond.

What Features Are Available on BrainPOP?

On BrainPOP, there are a selection of follow-up features which will help to further the learning impact of the video that can be a bit of an overview in most cases. There are also some tools to help the students further learning and assessments.

The main feature on BrainPOP is the sections with reading material to learn more on a subject. Another feature is quiz-based assessment and other learning activities. The quiz section will let students practice what they have learned using multiple choice questions and answers.

There is also a tool called Make-A-Map that will allow the users to combine images and words to make a concept map-style output. It can be used by students to make a plan, revise, layout work and many more. Furthermore, the coding available in this section will also allow the students to code and create.

How Much Does BrainPOP Cost?

BrainPOP will be charged for after a two-week trial period. There are some price plans available for family, homeschool, school and district.

  • The School Plan starts at $230 for a year subscription for grade 3 – 8+ version of the system.
  • The Family Plan starts at $119 for BrainPOP Jr. or $129 for BrainPOP grades 3 – 8+.

What Do Many Teachers Say About BrainPOP?

What many teachers say about BrainPOP actually varies, most of them think that BrainPOP teaching platform really helps them to deliver subject matter and be easier to educate the students. With attractive animated cartoons, it will make the students have fun learning more and more, without getting bored.

We got a real review found at The review was written by Megan Zechman, a teacher who has great experience in teaching the students with BrainPOP. She said that she really loves to teach using videos in her home school, as the more sense she can engage while teaching, the better her kids will learn and retain the information.

Megan also stated that she very enjoyed teaching using BrainPOP, as her kids will have an opportunity to take a short quiz at the end of each video on what they have just watched. Every time her kids watch something new, they will ask to take the quiz. Of course, it makes her happy to teach, as it is a quick and easy way for her to see whether they grasped the material.

So far, Megan, a homeschooling teacher revealed that she enjoys every section of the BrainPOP platform, as she found any correlated standards that she is trying to teach to her students. Tim and Moby, two animated-characters on BrainPOP, have been a part of her home school for many years now and her children get excited every time they start learning through a new video.

Other reviews of BrainPOP are also found at Here are what teachers say about BrainPOP:

  • A review comes from Mr. Starken, a teacher of 9th grade

He said that he absolutely loved using Brainpop as a way to introduce a topic or at the start of a unit. The students get excited when they hear the “Beep Beep” sound that Moby makes when he starts a video. The program also comes with many extras such as a short quiz, worksheets, etc. He also used it as a whole group tool most of the time, but in this time of distance learning, it also allows him to use BrainPOP as an assignment.

  • A review comes from Mrs. Stoufer, a teacher of 3rd grade

She said that the content is up to date and the resources are phenomenal, which include professional development and lesson plans.

  • A review comes from Mr. French, a teacher of 2nd/3rd Grade

He said that depending on what we are learning about we may check in with Moby on BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. They put subjects in plain and easy to understand terms.

A review comes from Mrs. Charleston, a teacher of 1st Grade

She said that her students see Moby the Robot as their friend and love the funny jokes between the little girl and him. Her students also love the BrainPOP music and dance along with it when it begins the videos.

  • A review comes from Ms. Geddes, a teacher of 4th-6th Grades

She said that her kids love BrainPop! Often when she goes to play a video her students have already found it on their own and watched it prior to a lesson.

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