Blinkist Vs. Headway 2022 Comparison [Which One is Better]

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During the past few years, it seems that book summary apps have been popular. Two of them are Blinkist and Headway. You may wonder which one is better between these two apps and you are able to read about it here according to the Edu Test Labs.

The Easier App to Use

When we talk about reading with technology, one of the most important things is about its convenience. It is better if the thing that you have to do is to open it and start reading.

In Blinkist, people read quickly where it is about 15 minutes summaries of nonfiction titles. People have the ability to access this platform as long as they have a smartphone, PC, Kindle or Tablet. The thing that you need to do if you want to enjoy this app is to download the app on your smartphone. If you want to begin to read with this app, you have to browse the selection of titles, choose the one that you want to read, and then you are able to add it to your library. After you complete it, then you are able to enjoy learning new things shortly.

Headway also offers summaries of popular nonfiction titles and it makes you able to learn more in less time. If you want to access the summaries on this platform, you have to download the app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The content is able to be browsed by you, added to your library and then you can start reading it.

According to the Edi Test Labs, in both apps, users have limited access with a free account, but if you have premium membership, you are able to get more. If you have a membership, it seems that Headway is more user friendly as explained on Edu Test Labs, because it can recognize your interests and makes suggestions on what you can read next.

Blinkist Vs. Headway 2022 Comparison [Which One is Better]

The Better App for Book Selection

If you access Blinkist, you will see that there is a selection of over 3,000 popular nonfiction titles where you are able to choose. The team of this app picks the featured titles and updates them routinely so readers will have unique options.

Now, how about Headway? In Headway, the selection which is offered is secondary where it only provides a range of summaries for hundreds of books. However, even though Headway does not offer a lot of titles, they provide summaries for some of the most current and prominent nonfiction books.

So, for the better book selection, Blinkist is the winner because it has thousands of summaries that you are able to read. Even though Blinkist and Headway have some of the most popular nonfiction titles, Blinkist has more for the users.

The Better App for Price

Same as other subscription services, Blinkist has a free trial which is offered for the users and it can be gotten before users commit to subscribe it. You are able to use the free trial for seven days before you become an official member.

Blinkist offers two pricing options. The first option is an annual commitment where it costs $99.99. Another option is a monthly commitment where it costs $15.99. If you choose the annual option, actually it is cheaper than the monthly because each month only costs $8.34.

Now, how about the price which is offered by Headway? This platform offers a free trial with limited access. Then, if you want to buy a premium membership, this app offers a lot of options to choose from weekly to monthly to yearly. A monthly subscription is one of the most common purchases where it is about $14.99.

So, which one is better if we talk about the price? Blinkist is better for the price. Even though the pricing options which are offered by Headway are a little bit cheaper, there are a lot of people who said that there were a lot of heartaches about the pricing options of Headway. Headways often makes users pay for some subscriptions at a time. Let’s take an example. Let’s say that you want to buy a weekly deal. If so, you have to pay for multiple weeks at a time. Meanwhile, the pricing offered by Blinkist is more simple and easier.

The Better App for Summaries

In Blinkist, summaries do not offer the same mood that the actual books create. Nevertheless, this app provides useful reviews for people who want to learn more in about 15 minutes. The summaries presented on this app are also mostly fact-based.

In Headway, the outlines have good quality as well and they provide basic information and important details so that the reader will be able to get the most out of their experience.

So, which app is better for better summaries? At this time, it seems that it is a tie. Blinkist and Headway have quality summaries and people are also satisfied.

The Better App Between Blinkist and Headway

After comparing these two apps from some perspective like summary, price, the use and book selection, Blinkist and Headway have useful quality summaries and users are able to learn more than they ever thought. Because of the summaries on these platforms, people are able to learn the details from popular nonfiction books which range from Health to Business to Productivity. So, which one is better between Blinkist and Headway?

For price, Blinkist is better because you only have to spend a couple dollars more to be able to access thousands of popular nonfiction summaries. Even though Blinkist and Headway have very similar services, people are able to see more benefits if they use Blinkist. It is because Blinkist has better price, more extensive selection of nonfiction and the use of the app is easy.

Well, that is the explanation about which one is better between Blinkist and Headway according to the Edu Test Labs. Hopefully, this information is beneficial for you when you have to choose which reading app that you will use.

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