Best School Hallway Ideas

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Are you looking for the best school hallway ideas? If you are looking for information about the best school hallway ideas, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to share that information for you.

Best School Hallway Ideas

Here are some best school hallway ideas:

Best School Hallway Ideas

  • Turn lockers into the books
    A student proposed this nice idea, then the teachers and students submitted ideas for the titles they would like to see. This is a great collaborative project.
  • Color-blocking is very effective
    The simplicity of this school hallway design is what makes it very powerful. Any school will be able to pull this one off.
  • Do not forget the ceiling
    The students painted each of the ceiling tiles with their design. This idea will make sures your school hallways are completely unique.
  • Highlight the student leaders
    You are able to assist the students to see themselves as the leaders with this smart idea. You are able to select other words to spell out too.
  • Set up the sensory path
    When the students need to work out the wiggles, then sensory paths are a nice solution. You are able to purchase pre-made decals or design your own.
  • Change the world
    Not only is this Matilda quote amazing, we also like the idea of hanging murals painted on the big sheets so you are able to change them out regularly.
  • Hang the banners
    You are able to hang the banners in your school hallway to remind the students about the behaviors expected of them.
  • Believe you can
    Collaborative projects are very great for the school hallway idea. This one will invite the students to share all the things that they believe they are able to do.
  • Make the spectacular stairs
    Stair risers are a good place to add motivational messages. Print shops will be able to make these for you, or you are able to paint them instead.
  • Send the right message
    You are able to send the right message on the school hallway. Paint it where the students are able to see it every time they enter the building.
  • Attempt a word cloud
    Ask the students to help generate a word cloud of character terms. After that, add them to a wide wall for daily inspiration.
  • Design class flags
    Do you need a team-building activity? You are able to ask classes to design their own flags. After that, festoon the school hallways.
  • Display the seven habits
    Lots of schools teach the students the seven habits of highly effective people. if yours is one of them, you are able to paint a mural in the hallway to reinforce the habits.
  • Take a walk-through history
    If you are a history teacher, this one is for you. You are able to paint a mural of world history. Or you are also able to focus on local events instead.
  • Transform school hallways into the streets
    This nice hallway is the work of a professional designer. But you are able to make something similar in your halls. The line down the middle assists the students on their own side of the hallway when they pass.
  • Learn the multiplication tables
    If you see it every day, you are going to be more likely to remember. This smart idea is especially easy if you have cement block walls because all the lines are already in place!
  • Lay out a river of the rocks
    If your school has outdoor hallways, then you are able to consider a collaborative project like a river of the rocks. You are able to ask each student to paint one to contribute to the colorful whole.
  • Post nice room signs
    Signs which project out into the hallways make it easier for the parents and the visitors to discover their way around. Those smart signs are magnetic so they are able to be changed easily from year to year.
  • Sprinkle the kindness
    This is a message schools everywhere are embracing. You are able to spread the word in your own school hallways with lots of cherry color.
  • Plant a school family tree
    The tree and black background are permanent. However, the leaves will change from year to year to reflect the student population. This is a very cool school hallway idea.
  • Line school halls with the mirrors
    You are able to raid local thrift shops for mirrors. After that, paint the frames in vibrant colors. Each one will carry a message like “I see a learner” or “I see a leader.”
  • Make it musical
    You are able to dress up the school hallway, a music room or auditorium with a staff full of music notes representing the students.
  • Dress up the pillars
    You are able to turn pillars into pencils. After that, you are able to paint them or wrap them in butcher paper. In addition, you are able to try aluminum foil for the metal strip.
  • Show your school several love
    Inspire school pride by asking the students to share why they love their school. Then, you are able to hang the answers in the school hallway for all to see.
  • Fold and hang origami cranes
    Another school hallway idea, you are able to fill the hallway with a senbazuru, or collection of 1000 origami cranes. This beautiful project will create a sense of peace and unity among the students and the staff.

How to Make a School Hallway Welcoming?

The best way to make a school hallway welcoming is to treat it as you would the other, more lived-in rooms of your school. You are able to use it to set the tone for the rest of your school, mirroring the style and color palettes of the other rooms. Also, you are able to make sure it’s well-lit so it never feels like a gloomy space to shuffle through. You will be able to use mirrors to increase that light. The rugs are going to help to soften the space, and also wallpaper can add in several personalities without actually taking up any space or adding too much visual clutter.

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