Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

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Over the past years, jobs in telecommunications equipment have been in high demand. The best-paying jobs in telecommunication equipment include Innovative Skills, Job Security, Diverse Career Field, etc. Of course, the salary of each job position would be different, plus depending on another factor, such as region.

Reportedly, there are thousands of best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. If you have skills in telecommunications equipment and have a plan to apply for a proper position, you can find out which job position of telecommunication equipment is great for you.

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

10 Best-Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

The term ‘Telecommunications equipment’ refers to the hardware that is mainly used for telecommunications such as multiplexers, transmission lines and base transceiver stations. Of course, the equipment makes a bridge for the passage or transmission of audio, video and also information from one user end to the other.

Here’s a list of best-paying job in telecommunication equipment:

1) Wireless Technician

Salary range: $59,000

According to some internet sources, Wireless Technician jobs ranks the number one as the best-paying jobs in telecommunication equipment. Wireless Technician is also known as a ‘wireless communications technician’ that has an ability to fix wireless equipment. As a wireless technician, it means you could fix gadgets like PDAs and cell phones.

Some parts of this position include wireless network setup, cell tower upkeep and construction and system hardware and software debugging.

2) Broadband Engineer

Salary range: $68,000 – $105,500 per year

The job descriptions of broadband engineers include to install, maintain and also repair a telecommunication network. The profession is often responsible for ensuring the telecommunication connections function properly, monitoring network activity and creating user accounts.

Some other responsibilities of a broadband engineer are to compile, code and also verify collected data. Well, the qualifications to be a broadband engineer frequently include a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications or a related field and also experience in software  or network development.

3) Line Installers

Salary range: $40,000-$73,500 per year

Line Installers ranks the number three of the best-paying jobs in telecommunication equipment. People who are line installers will have responsibility for putting in new lines. They build towers, ditches underground and utility poles for the purpose of transporting the cables and wires that are required for the operation of communication devices.

Furthermore, they join and link wires to poles, towers and other equipment which resembles it after the building stage. Their other obligations include installing network hardware for both business and residential use and also setting up client services.

4) Satellite Installer

Salary range: $36,000-$58,500 per year

The job descriptions of Satellite Installer include to install and repair satellite dishes for customers that involve collecting equipment, reviewing installation orders, creating wiring plans, coordinating schedules, installing cables, ensuring the customer’s television whether it can connect to the dish or not and also ensuring that the final result obeys to all telecommunications codes and regulations.

5) Fiber Optics Technician

Salary range: $45,000-$60,000 per year

If you work as fiber optics technician, you are responsible for installing and maintaining fiber optic networks. Technically, fiber optics are commonly used to transfer data for various purposes, like internet, phone and cable television.

They work in commercial and residential settings, making repairs to existing networks and installing new fiber optic lines. They are also responsible for setting up equipment, like modems or also helping clients establish email accounts.

6) VoIP Engineer

Salary range: $69,500-$109,000 per year

VoIP Engineer works to install and maintain VoIP or voice over internet protocol, telephony systems. It is known that VoIP is a system through which parties can communicate over the internet, as opposed to through a traditional telephone system.

They are also responsible to determine the company’s needs, monitor the system to ensure voice communication is functioning properly and developing a network with the appropriate hardware to fit those needs.

7) Satellite Communications Engineer

Salary range: $66,500-$129,000 per year

Satellite Communications Engineer works to design and provide technical support for hardware and software systems that are used to communicate with a satellite and track its location while it travels. Some parts of this position include updating existing ones to be more effective, design new communications systems, or also instruct technicians on how to deploy equipment according to plans.

8) Antenna Engineer

Salary range: $132,000 per year

Reportedly, Antenna engineers are among the highest-paying positions in the telecommunication equipment industry. They work to design and build antennas and other communication devices. The duty for those who work in this section is the usage of technological devices including cell phones, modems, radio antennas and satellite gadgets.

All possible parts of your job description are researching, creating financial guidelines and creating a timeline for development. In this case, the most famous way that Antenna engineers do is to develop prototypes of your concepts for testing and then assess how well they worked.

9) Unified Communications Engineer

Salary range: $91,000-$127,500 per year

The job descriptions of Unified Communications Engineer include creating comprehensive communications systems for companies that involve merging email, voicemail and phone lines into a single system for internal use.

To simplify the process, you may have to install new hardware, train employees and upgrade current software on how to utilize the new system. Other job tasks are to monitor the system to make sure it works appropriately and troubleshooting any issues which arise.

10) Telecommunications Manager

Salary range: $70,000-$117,500 per year

As a telecommunications manager, you will be responsible for supervising the installation and maintenance of communication lines for an organization. The lines here are internet, phone and other forms of communication.

In this role, you will work with contractors to supervise the installation of new communication systems, ensuring they work appropriately. You will also be responsible to monitor the performance of the lines and troubleshoot problems that they arise. When necessary, you should also train employees on how to utilize the new systems and document how the systems are used, so you can ensure the needs of the company are being met.

Okay, those are 10 best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment that you can choose.  Good Luck!!!

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