Best GEICO Careers Which the Highest Paying

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Having a job at Geico is everyone’s desire. Geico is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway providing coverage for over 24 million motor vehicles with more than 15 million policyholders as of 2017. In addition to providing coverage for motor vehicles, Geico also offers property insurance where they manage the policies as the insurance agent.

As the second largest auto insurance company in the United States, Geico employs roughly 40,000 employees worldwide with a number of positions. Sure, there are some positions at Geico that will give you the highest pay. If you have a plan to apply for a position at Geico, it would be better to know what the highest paying position is at Geico.

Let’s find out the information about the best position at Geico with the highest paying in our post below!

Best GEICO Careers Which the Highest Paying

5 Best Positions at Geico With Highest Paying

Most Geico employees will earn an average yearly salary of $46,089, while some different roles may earn different wages. Here are the best positions at Geico that will pay you with the highest salary:

  1. Senior Systems Engineer

A typical Senior Systems Engineer salary at Geico is around $106,636 per year. If you want to apply for a Senior Systems Engineer position, you have to demonstrate your ability to think strategically and be innovative while working in a collaborative team-oriented environment.

The candidate who wants to apply for this position should be comfortable working with analysts, DevOps, developers and architects across multiple teams to design creative solutions to solve complex problems. They will also support efforts to make sure the highest levels of systems and infrastructure stability, availability, scalability and performance.

Along with an excellent work ethic and great communication skills, the candidates must also have intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn new skills and technologies. They also need to learn the ability to plan, prioritize, execute and manage large projects to give enterprise network services. This role actually demands excellent project management skills, strong written and verbal communication skills and also great interpersonal skills.

  1. Java/J2ee Developer

Java/J2ee Developer salary at Geico will be at $101,252 per year. The candidates who want to apply for this position will work to help develop and support claims internet applications in a fast paced and high energy environment.

The candidates will also support current Claims Applications and participate in exciting projects that involve large scale client server applications. They should also be process and result oriented.

As a Java Developer, you will work in a highly collaborative environment with other teams such as Architecture, Infrastructure, Application Security, Release Management and the Business Analyst to develop and deliver critical solutions for Geico.

  1. Senior Programmer Analyst

Working as a Senior Programmer Analyst at Geico will earn around $97,444 per year. As a Senior Programmer Analyst, you will join a collaborative and motivated team transforming Geico into a truly data-driven company.

If you work as a Senior Programmer Analyst at Geico, you will thrive in a fast-paced innovative culture turning data into information and using that information to encourage action. Aside from that, you will also interact with a number of IT and business partners to design and implement data driven solutions which move the company’s business forward.

You will also have a bigger chance to mentor other associates and help the team grow together. To apply for a Senior Programmer Analyst position, you should have the ability to understand and experience with APIs and Web Services, experience in querying NoSQL databases, knowledge and experience working in an Agile environment and working knowledge of Big Data technologies.

  1. Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, you  will earn roughly $92,410 per year. You will also work in a team with multiple levels of IT associates that can deliver first-class software that solves real business problems. You will also do advanced-level application analysis, design, development, unit testing and implementation activities.

Working as a Software Engineer at Geico will give you a task to provide input and feedback to others on topics or architecture design, business solutions and code quality. If you want to apply for a Software Engineer position, you must have excellent communication, analytical skills and also problem solving. You also must have flexibility to balance multiple assignments in a fast-paced environment.

  1. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst salary at Geico is around $87,071 per year. When you join Geico’s Research and Development (RAD) department, you will have a chance to manage your projects from the planning and design phase to construction and maintenance.

If you apply for this position, the tasks you have to do include writing business requirements, conducting systems analysis and supporting enhancements to existing applications. Aside from that, this position also involves evaluating business processes and driving efficiency and process improvements through the application of systems tools and automation.

So far, a Business Analyst position is a great opportunity to work closely with a variety of departments, manage projects and learn the skills that are required by the business and technology world. Working at Geico, you will have the support and resources to secure your financial future, develop your skills and take care of your health.

To gain a better sense of the salaries at Geico, there are other roles that you can apply for such as Cashier and Sales Associate. For a comparison, the title Cashier at Geico will earn approximately $28,165 per year.

Here’s a list of positions at Geico with the amount of each salary:


Job Title Average GEICO Salary

Hourly Rate


Senior Systems Engineer $106,636 $51.27
2 Java/J2ee Developer $101,252



Senior Programmer Analyst $97,444 $46.85
4 Software Engineer $92,410



Business Analyst $87,071 $41.86
6 Total Loss Specialist $81,509



Staff Counsel $80,423 $38.66
8 Underwriter $80,005



NET Developer $78,143 $37.57
10 Claim Specialist $68,251



Bodily Injury Adjuster $65,587 $31.53
12 Supervisor $55,953



Claims Adjuster $49,713 $23.90
14 Management Development Program $49,244



Trainee $45,740 $21.99
16 Legal Secretary $45,609



Emergency Services Dispatcher $42,945 $20.65
18 Insurance Agent $42,265



Insurance Sales Agent $41,215 $19.81
20 Underwriting Technician $40,245


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