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Chartered Financial Analyst, which is also more known as CFA in short, is known as a professional finance certification. It has been recognized globally and is known as the representative of the gold standard in the investment sector. Getting it is relatively easy, which can be done after a three-level of examinations, accomplishment of 4,000 hours of professional work, and getting a membership at the CFA Institute.

In this modern era, the designation is important, especially among the professionals of the finance domain due to a number of factors, such as enhancement of salary and representation of professional ethics in work. The fact that it is not easy to pass the exam and there are only few charterholders in the world is one of the things that make the charter more demanding and invaluable.

As the number of students who appear for the CFA Program from India keeps increasing, the coaching institutes keep coming to fulfill the demand. As there are a lot of them, it could be hard for one to choose a reliable coaching institute in India. If you are one of these people who find it hard to find a reliable coaching institute in India, you may want to consider the list of the best CFA online coaching in India below:

  1. The WallStreet School

One of the best CFA prep courses in India is called The WallStreet School, which is also known as TWSS in short. This institute is based in New Delhi, India. It has the purpose to deliver CFA coaching. Not only known as one of the best, it is also known as one of the CFA prep courses in India with a total of 12 years of experience. Aside from its experience, the next thing that makes it considered as one of the best is its success rate. With all these good things, it is not surprising that this one is a highly favorite faculty.

The faculty of The WallStreet School is full of amazing experts. These experts have more than 10 years of teaching experience in the field. They all work full time. These experiences include the team of CA Vikas Vohra and CA Karan Singh. All of them are proven to be good as they have helped a number of students to pass Level 1 and 2.

There are a few things offered by The WallStreet School. These include preparations for levels I and II with brimful coverage of all 10-units of the syllabus. If you are wondering about the plans, there are two of them, as follows:

  • Live Classes: For the Level 1 package, it costs INR 33,000 as for the Level 2 package, it is available for INR 37,000.
  • Self-Paced Classes: This one starts from INR 29,000 onwards.
  1. Finguru

The second best CFA online coaching in India is known as Finguru. Just like The WallStreet School, it is also based in New Delhi, India. There are a couple of things that makes it one of the best, including its success rate and the availability of course in all three levels of the CFA examination.

Finguru has a course provider named Sushant Suri. This man is known as a CFA charter holder and a degree holder in Economics from SRCC and Warwick Business School, United Kingdom. He is excellent and has more than 15 years of instructing CFA students. Just like him, the other faculty members are also CFA charterholders.

The institute called Finguru offers coaching in three levels of the CFA exam with the coverage of the whole syllabus. In a classroom, there are always less than 50 students at a time. Apparently, the coaching is advanced in both online and classroom modes.

If you are interested in Finguru, here are two options to choose from:

  • Self-Paced course: This one costs INR 17,500 onwards.
  • Live Classes: This one costs INR 29,500 onwards.
  1. IMS Proschool

The third CFA online coaching in India that you can consider is IMS Proschool. It has a few branches. Apart from three of them that are located in Delhi, there are also some other branches located in several areas such as Mumbai, Pune, Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi. It has a high success rate and good results in the Level 1 CFA exam.

The faculty of IMS Proschool includes Anshul Aggarwal and Rythum Verma. These two are known as the chief instructors of the program with an experience of a total of 9 years of the former.

There are several plans that you can consider, including:

  • The Classroom Program: This one costs INR 40,000.
  • The Live Online Training: This one costs INR 32,000.
  • Self-Paced Learning: This one costs INR 20,000.
  1. Financial Corridor

Financial Corridor is best at providing self-designed material based on the original CFA curriculum. In order to teach the methods, tricks, and application on the calculator, it furnishes special training workshops. On top of that, it is pretty cheat. For Level 1 and 2, the packages offered are available for INR 25,000 each. As for the Level 3, it is available for INR 30,000.

Keshav Kumar is the head trainer of the coaching. He is known as a CFA charterholder. He is one of the best as he has more than 10 years of experience in training. Aside from him, the other faculty also consists of the CFA charterholders.

  1. iPlan Education

iPlan Education has been around since a decade ago. Not only in New Delhi, it also has a few branches, including the one located in Mumbai and Hyderabad. It is one of the best CFA online coaching in India because of its rare success. Plus, it has also received 8 awards from 6 different organizations.

No one can come to the instructors of iPlan Education as all of them are CFA charterholders. Most of them have an experience of more than 6 years in teaching. One of the most popular instructors in this institute is named Pravin Khetan. He has more than 10 years of experience.

What about the plans? As for the plans, there are two of them, as follows:

  • Level 1: For the online class package, it costs INR 29,700.
  • Level 2: For the online class package, it costs INR 31,900.

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