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For those who are looking for information about Army Enterprise Email, you should read this entire article. Here we are going to talk about Army Enterprise Email. Make sure that you will not miss any information from this page.

What is Army Enterprise Email?

You have to know that Army Enterprise Email is the Department of Defense’s email platform. Also, Army Enterprise Email called DoD Enterprise Email. Apparently, it replaces the old AKO Webmail platform if your log-in needs a CAC. This occur because the army realized that the cost and benefit of several of these email storage accounts were not worth it. This alteration applies to over 534K accounts of Department of Defense accounts including the army, DISA, JS, and EUCOM. According to the research, it had been directed to begin the deactivation of 430,000 AKO email accounts on October 1, 2012. Those army users are a proper subset of the total AKO DoD EE users. The DoD continued to deactivate all the AKO email accounts when the users switch to DoD EE.

DoD Enterprise Email

The DEE (Department of Defense Enterprise Email) service aims at giving a more secure cloud-based email capability. Enterprise Email is specially designed for improving operational efficiency and also facilitating collaboration across different organizational functions. If you have any question related to DoD Enterprise Email problems, then you are able to visit the DISA Enterprise Collaboration Management User FAQ. Or you are also able to visit the DoD Enterprise FAQ Page.

DEE (Department of Defense Enterprise Email) is a service that applicable to the entire enterprise, reducing the operational cost. Also, with this service, the possibility of making a common platform will be possible. Thus, DEE (Department of Defense Enterprise Email) will allow and make sure different agencies to share information among different virtual groups easily and more effectively.

Benefits of using DEE (Department of Defense Enterprise Email)

Here are some benefit using DEE:

  • It can secure email access anywhere, anytime and from any place through stationary or mobile.
  • It will be able to reduce email cost through the elimination of unnecessary administration and ineffective resource utilization, focusing resources to other priorities.
  • It can replicate data among the DECCs to make sure secured and widely available communications.
  • The messages will be protected and will be accessed securely
  • Guns, guards, and gates are going to be secured, protecting agency’s data from different some threats.
  • The strategic initiatives and organizational missions of DoD are met.
  • Organizational, Individual, and resource calendar efforts are going to be shared in the most coordinated manner across DoD.
  • Interoperability of DEE is going to be created more efficient including DEPS (DoD Enterprise Portal Service) and Identity and Access Management.

Standard Enterprise Email Features

Here are some Enterprise Email Features:

  • Outlook

Now, email can be accessed by using Outlook anywhere in a local desktop. Also, now OWA (Outlook Web Access) can be used. For your information, NIPR OWA can be accessed through the NIPRNet and Internet.

  • Secure Access

DEE is CAC-authenticated. It means that the users can get access to their email by using email certification. This is probably through the usage of TLS (Transport layer security) session, S/MIME, and advanced emailing hygiene, all of which assists to protect the email account itself.

  • Mail Sanitization

DEE uses EMSG (Electronic Mail Security Gateway) specifically for email traffic. Also, it uses McAfee GroupShield for all emails.

  • Auto-discover

Auto-discover will allow the users to set up profile when they sign in using their DEE accounts which are obtainable through the OWA (Outlook Web Access).

  • Cached Exchange Mode

DEE is going to be operating in Cached Exchange Mode. With this, it allows to maintain a client-side cope of any user’s Outlook mailbox while synchronizing the copy with DEE automatically. But, all DEE access needs the workstation to be CAC enabled.

  • Global Address List

Accessibility to GAL is allowed. GAL gives contact information for those DoD CAC users. Also, the users are given information and access across the DoD.

  • Milconnect

DMDC is going to maintain a portal which can give the users the capability of updating contact data. Then, the data will be updated in DEE GAL within 24 hours after the initiation of the data change.

Accessing Enterprise Email (OWA)

Here are some steps to access Enterprise Email (OWA):

  • At the first step, you have to open a web browser and visit
  • You are going to see the screen informing you that you are accessing a U.S. Government Information System. Just click “I Accept”
  • When asked, please be sure to choose only your DOD EMAIL certificate. Then, click “OK”
  • You are going to be presented with a second screen. Simply, you are able to click the link in the center. Warning: The words for your link can be slightly different than what is in this image.  click the link in the center
  • It is going to present a second request for the correct certificate. When asked, you have to choose the DOD EMAIL certificate. Next, click “OK”
  • If this is the first time you have utilized the webmail interface, so you are going to get a screen asking for the time zone you are in. Please choose the correct time zone and click OK.   Select the appropriate time zone
  • In this step, the webmail interface (OWA) will open automatically. webmail interface (OWA) will open

In addition, if you have any issues or questions about Enterprise Email, you are able to call the Army Enterprise Service Desk at 1-866-335-ARMY (2769), and choose option #4.

Enterprise Email Troubleshooting

DOD Enterprise Email will give secure access to your email from any location. Also, it allows for shared resources like the calendars across DoD, that has reduced the costs compared to the previous Army Knowledge Webmail platform. Aside from that, it gives more security between DECC’s. If you are having issues accessing your Army Enterprise Email, you are able to ask a help. For those who want to encrypt your email with OWA visit this link;

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