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Arizona MLBers is one of the crossword clues that was included in October 19, 2021 LA Times Crossword. The possible answer of Arizona MLBers crossword clue consists of 6 letters, which is DBACKS. Some sites that provide the answers of the crossword clues describe DBACKS as:

  • Arizona MLB team, for short
  • Arizona MLBers
  • Arizona club nickname
  • Chase Field team

Arizona MLBers Crossword Clue

The Arizona Diamondbacks, or D-backs in short, is the name of the American professional baseball team. This one is based in Phoenix, Arizona. This team joins Major League Baseball or MLB as a member of the National League or NL West division. It was established as an expansion team and started play in the year of 1998. When the team has a home game, they play at Chase Field, the one that was known as Bank One Ballpark.

The Arizona Diamondbacks is one of the big teams in the league. They claimed the victory of a World Series championship in just the fourth season. At the time, they beat the New York Yankees in 2001, becoming the fastest expansion team in the major league history to win the championship.

The roster for 2022 spring training includes:

  • Pitchers: Miguel Aguilar, J. B. Bukauskas, Madison Bumgarner, Zack Burdi, Humberto Castellanos, Taylor Clarke, Tyler Clippard, Brett de Geus, Luis Frias, Zac Gallen, Tyler Gilbert, Merrill Kelly, Joe Mantiply, Corbin Martin, Humberto Mejia, Matt Peacock, Sean Poppen, Noe Ramirez, Caleb Smith, Riley Smith, Luke Weaver, J. B. Wendelken, Taylor Widener
  • Catchers: Carson Kelly
  • Infielders: Nick Ahmed, Drew Ellis, Geraldo Perdomo, Josh VanMeter, Christian Walker, Andrew Young
  • Outfielders: Kole Calhoun, Sturt Fairchild, Ketel Marte, Jake McCarthy, David Peralta, Joshua Rojas, Pavin Smith, Daulton Varsho
  • Manager: Torey Lovullo
  • Coaches: Chris Cron, Mike Fetters, Robby Hammock, Drew Hedman, Matt Herges, Dave McKay, Tony Perezchica, Jose Queliz, Humberto Quintero, Rick Short, Luis Urueta, Gil Velaquez

Arizona MLBers is definitely not the only crossword clue that was included in the October 19, 2021 LA Times Crossword. Aside from this clue, there are some other ones, including:


  1. Blown away: The possible answers include AMAZED, AWED, GAGA, INAWE, STUNNED and ASTONISHED.
  2. Calf-covering skirt: MAXI
  3. DIY furniture brand: IKEA
  4. Movie with Minions: DESPICABLEME
  5. Got a run home: SCORED
  6. Avocation: The possible answers include HOBBY and SIDELINE.
  7. ___avid:
  8. Spoon-blender debunked by the Amazing Randi: URIGELLER
  9. Code-breaking org.: NSA
  10. Jedi Master Obi-Wan ___: KENOBI
  11. Repair bill heading: PARTS
  12. B.B. King genre: BLUES
  13. Female donkey: The possible answers include JENNY and JENNET.
  14. 12/24 and 12/31: EVES
  15. Meteors and what three down answers aptly contain: FALLINGSTARS
  16. Manufactured: The possible answers include BUILT, MADE and PRODUCED.
  17. Genie’s offering: WISH
  18. Run without moving: IDLE
  19. Hud Oscar-winner Patricia: NEAL
  20. Flu symptom: The possible answers include ACHE, AGUE, CHILL, CHILLS, FEVER, TEMPERATURE, SHIVER and COUGH.
  21. Dinner list for animal product avoiders: VEGANMENU
  22. Antioxidant berry: ACAI
  23. Old Roman fiddler: NERO
  24. Eve’s first home: EDEN
  25. Italys Como per esempio: LAGO
  26. Fixed with thread: SEWN
  27. Workers rewards: RAISES
  28. Inexpensive: CHEAP
  29. SNL producer Michaels: LORNE
  30. Author Asimov: ISAAC
  31. Rapper with the 2013 #1 album Born Sinner: JCOLE
  32. Also includes: ADDS
  33. Face-to-face exam: ORAL
  34. XL or L but not LX: SIZE
  35. Take to heart: The possible answers include INTERNALIZE, HEED and CENTRALISE.
  36. Brazil metropolis: RIO


  1. In the thick of: The possible answers include AMID, AMIDST and AMONG.
  2. Honey I ___ the Kids: 1989 comedy: The possible answer includes SHRUNK.
  3. Brown tag staple initially: The possible answer includes PBJ.
  4. Waves from the back of a boat: The possible answer includes WAKE.
  5. Like some sandpaper: The possible answer includes COARSE.
  6. Sam Adams e.g.: The possible answer includes ALE.
  7. Flickered-out flames?: The possible answer includes EXES.
  8. 24 analyst Chole ___: The possible answer includes OBRIAN.
  9. Operate: The possible answers include RUN, USE and EROS.
  10. Good thing to have for a change?: The possible answer includes DIAPERBAG.
  11. A lot: The possible answers include OFTEN, MANY and SCADS.
  12. Judith of Down Home: The possible answer includes IVEY.
  13. Diplomats post: The possible answer includes EMBASSY.
  14. Reacted to a really bad pun perhaps: The possible answer includes WINCED.
  15. Thrash about: The possible answer includes FLAIL.
  16. Think tank output: The possible answers include IDEAS, IDEA and REPORT.
  17. South African grassland: The possible answer includes VELD.
  18. Place to bowl: The possible answers include LANE, ALLEY and ALLEYS.
  19. Hunk of bacon say: The possible answer includes SLAB.
  20. Flood deterrent: The possible answers include LEVEE and DIKE.
  21. Like a Frappuccino: The possible answer includes ICED.
  22. Severe criticism: The possible answers include HELL, FLAK and STRICTURE.
  23. Word with teen of golden: The possible answer includes AGER.
  24. Nab in a trap: The possible answer includes SNARE.
  25. The Ellery Queen Award is one: The possible answer includes EDGAR.
  26. Mideast or Midwest: The possible answer includes REGION.
  27. Motorcyclists: The possible answer includes BIKERS.
  28. You’re gonna need a bigger boat movie: The possible answer includes JAWS.
  29. Biblical prophet: The possible answer includes HOSEA.
  30. Apple known by its first three letters: The possible answer includes MACINTOSH.
  31. Notable period: The possible answers include ERA, AGE and EPOCH.
  32. Words to live by: The possible answers include CREDOS, MOTTO and CREDO.
  33. R&Bs India.___: The possible answer includes ARIE.
  34. Actress de Armas: The possible answer includes ANA.
  35. Light as a fire: The possible answer includes KINDLE.
  36. Demolish: The possible answers include RAZE, DESTROY and RUIN.
  37. Bench press muscle briefly: The possible answer includes PEC.
  38. Barflies: The possible answers include SOUSES, SOTS and TOPERS.
  39. Winter ride: The possible answers include SLED and TOBOGGAN.

The crossword clue related to Arizona sometimes appears in the crossword. If you are curious about the other ones, here is the list:

  1. Clue: MLBers SINCE ’05
    Length: 4
    Answer: NATS
  2. Clue: MLBers in Washington, briefly
    Length: 5
    Answer: NATLS
  3. Clue: New York MLBers
    Length: 4
    Answer: METS
  4. Clue: Lone Star MLBers
    Length: 6
    Answer: ASTROS
  5. Clue: Chicago Mlbers
    Length: 4
    Answer: CUBS
  6. Clue: Chicago Mlbers
    Length: 3
    Answer: SOX
  7. Clue: Cincinnati Mlbers
    Length: 4
    Answer: REDS
  8. Clue: Arizona’s city, or Arizona sight
    Length: 4
    Answer: MESA
  9. Clue: “Ditat ___” (motto of Arizona)
    Length: 4
    Answer: DEUS
  10. Clue: “In Old Arizona,” e.g.
    Length: 5
    Answer: OATER
  11. Clue: “Raising Arizona” filmmaker Coen
    Length: 5
    Answer: ETHAN
  12. Clue: “Stand by Me” actor from Arizona?
    Length: 12
  13. Clue: ARIZONA
    Length: 2
    Answer: A Z
  14. Clue: ARIZONA
    Length: 10
    Answer: CACTUS WREN
  15. Clue: Arizona border town
    Length: 7
    Answer: NOGALES
  16. Clue: Arizona town NE of Flagstaff
    Length: 9
    Answer: MANY FARMS
  17. Clue: Arizona views
    Length: 5
    Answer: MESAS
  18. Clue: Arizona county or river
    Length: 4
    Answer: GILA
  19. Clue: Arizona natives
    Length: 7
    Answer: MOJAVES

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