Arizona Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy College Program

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You may want to take Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program and you live in Arizona. Is Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program able to be found in Arizona? If yes, where can I take this program? Arizona College is one of the colleges which offers Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program. What do they offer? What is the curriculum in the program? You are able to read about it below.

The Reasons Why You Must Take Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program at Arizona College

Arizona College is one of the colleges in Arizona which offers Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program. On the official website of Arizona College, they claim that you are able to earn your Medical Assistant Diploma in under 7 months. As explained on their site, here are the reasons why you have to take the Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program at Arizona College.

  • They offer accelerated morning and evening classes.
  • They offer flexible schedules with sessions starting every 5 weeks.
  • There is financial aid for students who are eligible.
  • They have open lab and tutoring sessions by appointment.
  • You have access to Arizona College’s peer monitoring program.
  • You will get career services employment assistance after you complete the program successfully.

Arizona Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy College Program

Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Program Curriculum at Arizona College

As explained on the Arizona College site, Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy program curriculum at Arizona College is:

  • Hands-On Skills Training
    In medical assisting and phlebotomy, hands-on skills training are labs where you will learn about how to draw blood through practice on students and other volunteers.
  • Modern Facilities and Phlebotomy Laboratories
    It contains simulated arms for venipuncture, microscopes, examination tables, platform scales, centrifuge, medical instruments, stethoscopes, anatomical charts, and organ models.
  • Experienced Faculty
    Experienced faculty teaches phlebotomy courses and medical assisting courses.
  • Both Administrative and Patient Care Skills
    The material of the course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to work in both the front (administrative/ clerical) and back (patient care/ clinical) offices.
  • Externship Experience
    There is externship experience to prepare you for careers in real-world healthcare facilities.

If you have finished the on-campus portion of the program, you will have to complete an off-campus 5-week clinical externship. So, including this externship, the program takes around 30 weeks. After you complete it successfully, you are encouraged to pursue phlebotomist certification or become a registered medical assistant.

How to Be A Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Skills

As explained on the Arizona College site, if you are a medical assistant and you have phlebotomy training, you are also able to perform clinical tasks related to blood work for patients. So, it gives you a lot of employment options in the healthcare industry. If you become a medical assistant, you are responsible for a lot of different administrative and clinical tasks invaluable to the nursing staff, physicians, and other healthcare professionals that you assist. The duties of a medical assistant include patient care and interactions.

Applying for Medical Assistant Jobs

As explained on the Arizona College site, after you have successfully completed your educational requirements, completed the coursework, and graduated from the medical assistant program, you are able to start applying for medical assistant jobs in a lot of types of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and blood donation centers. The place where you work has an important impact on the schedule of your work and it can range from a regular 9 to 5 work week to working overnight shifts.

Other Colleges Which Offer Medical Assistant Program

According to the Nursing Process website, here are the other colleges which offer Medical Assistant in Arizona.

  • Eastern Arizona College
    Eastern Arizona College offers the medical assisting program which is based on a rigorous curriculum. The curriculum is updated regularly in consultation with the industry. The certificate program can be completed in two semesters and it starts in the fall semester where it consists of a total of 38 credits. During the first semester, you will learn about phlebotomy, medical terminology, pharmacology, and clinical and laboratory procedures. Then, in the second semester, you will study the administrative processes and procedures, physiology, human anatomy, psychology, and computer-related information. In the curriculum, there is also a 160-hour of the externship and it can help you to get practical experience. If you want to graduate, you need to score a minimum of C grade in every course and after graduation, you are qualified to take the RMA exam which is administered by American Medical Technologists.
  • College America
    College America also offers medical assisting course. The program that they offer is focused on giving quality training so that aspirants are able to find desired employment in the industry of healthcare. The associate degree program can be completed in 20 months and it consists of 94 credits. The curriculum gives you education on a number of different subjects such as physiology and psychology, clinical processes and procedures, pharmacology and phlebotomy. In the training, it focuses on administrative aspects of medical assisting because it teaches you the basics of the computer system, keeping and communicating the medical records and legal and ethical issues in the medical field. In the curriculum, there is a 5.0 credit externship and it can help you to be able to get an understanding of working in real-world conditions.
  • Yavapai College
    Yavapai College offers the medical assisting program and it can prepare aspirants for a rewarding career in the healthcare field. The curriculum of the medical assisting program at Yavapai College is designed to equip students with theoretical and practical aspects of giving efficient medical services to the community. The course of the associate of applied science degree is 63 credits. Further, it is divided into general education courses which consist of 19 credits and program-specific courses which consist of 44 credits. The training that you will take is designed in a manner that will be able to help you to learn administrative and clinical skills which are needed by you to be a medical assistant which is well-rounded. You will get education on a number of subjects such as medical abbreviations, fundamentals of medical assisting, physiology and human anatomy, terminology and processes needed for diagnosing various conditions in patients. Not only that, you will also learn about interpersonal communication and how to maintain professional relationship in the workplace.

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