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For those the students of Argosy University who want to access the student portal of Argosy University to do some things such as adding and dropping courses, paying your fees, requesting a refund of fees, viewing grades, getting an unofficial transcript, changing your address or phone, and so on, it is better for you to do the Argosy student login first.

In order to do Argosy student login, the first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of Argosy University. When you are in the homepage of the student portal, point out your cursor to the top right of the page. It is where the Student Log In button is located. Just click on the button to be taken to the login page.

Doing student login of Argosy University is easy and will not take too much of your time. Just like any other login, you will be required to enter your username and the password. after everything is complete, then click the green Login button. Remember to fill them out well to prevent the error. If you forgot either your username or the password, there is a link below the Log In button written “Forgot Username or Password?”. Click the button to be taken to the next page. If you forgot your username, please enter your last name and email address. By entering both of them, it means you want the system to send you a reminder. If you forgot your password, please enter your username instead. Just click on the Submit button and wait until you get the chance to create the new password. Please follow the rest of the steps well and do not miss a single thing.

For those the new students of Argosy University who do not have an account yet, then first of all, you have to create one first. creating an account is as easy as logging into the portal. For your information, there are several things that will be asked. Those are the Social Security Number (SSN) or student number, your first name, and your last name. Go ask the representative of the university in case you do not know the Social Security Number (SSN) or student number. When everything is done, then you just have to click on the green Submit button and your registration will be proceed. When you are success, you will be able to do Argosy student login and access the student portal using your own account.

For further information about Argosy student login, please visit the official website of Argosy University. If you need a technical support, you can just contact the fully online students by calling 1 855 867 2820. Aside from that, there is also campus based or plus students. The number of it is 1 866 848 0776. You are recommended to call on the work day and work time to get the better respond. Do not ever hesitate to contact the representative of the university as they will help you gladly.

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