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You may have a student loan in University of Phoenix and you may want to know about student loan forgiveness in University of Phoenix. I tried to find the information about it and here is what I found about University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness 2022 according to the Student Loan Solved site.

University of Phoenix Class Action Lawsuit

It is explained that on December 10th, 2019, FTC made an announcement about the completion with the University of Phoenix. They said that parties agreed on a 191 million dollar benefit for former students of the university. As part of the agreement, students who owe directly to the university would be able to get 141 million loan forgiveness. To be eligible for the University of Phoenix loan discharge, students need to have attended the school between October 2012 and December 2016.

On a variety of occasions, Apollo Education Group stated that students are able to relax since within 45 working days, all the debt amount of eligible students will be cleared.

In a number of states such as Arkansas, Arizona, and California, the University of Phoenix encountered a lot of lawsuits about the case. Since 2014, the university tries to fight back claimed violated rules in a lot of phases. The University of Phoenix is sued by the court for the things below.

  • Interference with Contractual Relations of students
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Conversion
  • Breach of:
  • Implied Covenant of Good Faith
  • Contract
  • And Fair Dealing

About the Allegations against the UoP

There are specific claims against the university and these are unacceptable and unethical. For instance, students think that trained enrollment counselors were hired by the University of Phoenix. There is also another scandalous allegation about the university which came from former employees who were whistleblowers of federal funds’ waste.

The Possibilities of Your Student Loan Is Discharged

The Department of Education makes statements on its website that under certain circumstances, DOE is ready to forgive or cancel student loans. The circumstances may include the closure of the university or fraudulent actions which may be used by the university and many more. It is explained that respectively, in the first case, you would apply for student loan forgiveness programs, but on the other hand, for getting the University of Phoenix loan discharge, students have to prove that the school did those fraudulent acts against them.

On the Student Loan Solved site, it is explained that in cases when the school is falsely certified, there is an opportunity for loan discharge. However, there is the concern by students which shows that DOE is not so active about loan discharge. The fact is that there are some of those students who think that the eligibility criteria and the harshness of the entire process are a plan that is able to push back a student from getting his/ her loan discharged.

About Closed School Loan Discharge

If you attended a school while it closed, you need to note that there is an opportunity to discharge the loan that you took for studying at that university. This program is able to help students with federal Family education Loans, Perkins Loans, Direct Loans and so on. You are able to be qualified to apply for this program if you are like these.

  • You were studying at that time when the school was closed.
  • The student’s credits were transferred by her/ him to another school but the same program. For example, in case you were studying criminal justice in University of Phoenix and moved to a similar or slightly different program such as Criminal Law etc.
  • Until or after June 20, 2014, you were attending University of Phoenix 120 days. There is an opportunity to be able to get approval from those of you who withdrew from classes during this time.

Getting Your Loan Discharged

As explained on the Student Loan Solved site that under the settlement provisions, the University of Phoenix agreed to pay 191 million dollars for student loan forgiveness. The settlement primarily was focusing on loans that students owe to the University of Phoenix directly. For federal student loans, there is an opportunity for students through BDAR.

BDAR is Used for Discharging the University of Phoenix Loans

As explained on the Student Loan Solved site, under the Borrower’s Defense law, in cases where the opposing side (university) performed fraudulent things against the student, the right to utilize loan discharge is had by students. Violation of the rules, misconduct or misinterpretation, are all part of those fraudulent acts. In the case, which is based on the University of Phoenix, students have the right to file the BDAR claim and get loan discharge.

Since the university provided private student loans to those students while convincing them that the higher education programs are the best, it is fine to note all those aspects in your BDAR application.

Usually, you have to accuse the UOP of false advertising and misleading claims that led you to take the loan in the first place or prove that they lied about job placement rates, graduation rates and many more statistical measures.

Let’s say that you face such an incident and want to get rid of the massive loan debt. If so, you have to write a BDAR application and submit it to related institutions. For former students of UOP, if DOE approves their request, they get a complete loan discharge.

Where Do We Have to Submit the BDAR Claim?

As explained on the Student Loan Solved site that the United States Government has a special website for these types of procedures. You are able to log into your account so that you are able to easily submit the BDAR application. It is important for you to note that it is a sensitive issue and you have to make sure that you do not trust in third-party individuals or companies when it comes to providing the BDAR application.

You are still able to consult related agencies and people who had such experience to file an effective claim. Student loan scams are able to take advantage of you and sell your documents and private information to other companies. So, you have to be carefulĀ  about whom you are consulting while filing your application form.

That’s the information that I got about University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness from Student Loan Solved site. To read more, you are able to access the website of Student Loan Solved site. To read more about University of Phoenix forgiveness, you are able to access the website of the University of Phoenix.

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