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This post will feature the information about the board meeting of Austin Independent School District or AISD. Anyone who wants to know about it, you can read the post until the end. If you think the information that is included here is not enough, the best thing that you can do is to go to the official website of Austin Independent School District or AISD at

According to the official website of Austin Independent School District or AISD, the AISD Board of Trustees usually has a meeting on the second and the fourth Thursday evenings of the month with the exception of July. The meetings are held in the Board Auditorium at the new headquarters located at 4000 S. IH 35 Frontage Road.

There are two kinds of broad meetings. The first one is Information Sessions, which is held on the second Thursday of the month, and the second one is Regular Voting Meetings, which is held on the fourth Thursday of the month. The time is actually subject to change, meaning it is possible for it to change. Please check the district calendar in case there are any changes.

AISD School Board Meeting

Both meetings are broadcasted on AISD.TV and are able to be viewed even if you miss these live shows. Everyone is free to watch these meetings, even though you have nothing to do with the Austin Independent School District or AISD. However, not everything is shown to the public. Some parts of the board meetings might be closed to the public, including the consideration of the real estate transactions, personel matters, student hearings, and legal matters.

As mentioned above, AISD.TV is the one that is responsible for broadcasting the board meetings of the Austin ISD. Information sessions are included in the live broadcasts that are broadcasted on the second Thursday of the month. Aside from the information sessions, the live broadcasts also include the regular voting meetings that are usually held on the fourth Thursday of the month. These events are shown on the AISD.TV on Saturday at 1 PM and 7 PM. On Sunday, they are broadcasted at 1 PM while on Thursday, they are at 7 PM. If you want to know about complete television listings, you can check out AISD.TV.

Talking about board meetings, you will need to know the board members as you will see them in the meetings. As displayed on its official website, the board members of Austin Independent School District (AISD) include Kevin Foster (District 3), Lynn Boswell (District 5), Noelita Lugo (At Large Position 8), Ofelia Maldonado Zapata (District 2), Geronimo M. Rodriguez, Jr. (District 6, President), LaTisha Anderson (District 1), Kristin Ashy (District 4), Yasmin Wagner (District 7, Vice President), and Arati Singh (at Large Position 9, Secretary)

Austin Independent School District gives everyone a chance to comment and to give testimony over the phone. It will take place during the Board Since Information Sessions. There is no limit to the topics. Feel free to bring up any topic that you want. A total of up to 60 speakers might get the chance to provide comments to the Board. If there is enough time, the other 10 speakers who are on a waitlist will get a chance for their comments to be included. Since there is no online form to sign up for the general public comment, you might want to sign up for Public Testimony online if you want the district to have your contact information for potential follow up. Keep in mind that it should be done before calling to record your comments.

In order to make sure that your comments are included in the broadcast, it is a must for you to dial the number 512-414-0130. You will have to record your comments (up to 60 seconds) between 7:45 AM and 3:00 PM on the same day the meeting is held. If not, your comment will be posted in the agenda instead.

There are a few things that you need prepare and to remember before calling the number, including:

  • There will be a beep after the phone greeting. When you hear this sound, it is a sign that the recording has started. Please let them know your name and the agenda item that you want for them to know at the start of the comments.
  • It is important to prepare your comments as it should be around 60 seconds or less. There is a gap between stating your name and stating the agenda item that you are addressing. When the time is over, the recording will stop immediately.
  • To pertain to the agenda item, General Public Comments are Board Information Sessions are not required.
  • It is possible for the public to only address the agenda items scheduled for the board action when the public testimony is held. Those things include the consent agenda items, items for a separate vote and items scheduled for a public hearing. Besides, it is also possible to give comments related to the Superintendent’s Report or items included under Student Achievement on the Board agenda.
  • It is important to reference any staff members by position or by abbreviated last name whether you want to complain or to praise.
  • If your comment is typed in Spanish, during the broadcast, it will be shown in the original language with the addition of the one translated in English.
  • Actually, giving a comment on the broadcast is not the only way that you can do. If you want to give a comment, you are also able to send an email to Since the time is limited, it might be best for you to choose this way.

For more information about the board meetings of Austin Independent School District (AISD), go to its official website at If you are a native Spanish speaker, it might be better for you to read the information above in your native language. If you like this idea, you can just go to the same website and find the Spanish version of the information.

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