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Austin Independent School District hires competitive individuals who have great skill in their respective fields. AISD kindly gives an opportunity for individuals to set careers by joining the AISD human resources.

Named as the fifth largest school district in Texas, AISD is looking for passionate, talented and committed individuals for any positions available. In fact, ASID frequently open job vacancies for a number of positions.In other words, if you want to pursue a career with AISD, make sure to expedite yourself by exploring your potential and abilities, in the field you are involved in.

However, potential individuals will be able to provide a positive atmosphere for the environment in which they work. Likewise with AISD, they are looking for you who have a strong commitment, great potential to advance schools in Austin.

AISD Career Information

There are a number of positions which are available in the Austin Independent School District. The most positions available in AIDS are teachers. So, it does not wonder if a lot of people are applying for teacher positions, not a few who even apply for administrative positions and other positions.

Here are additional information for AISD career:

  • Classroom Teacher

If you have a knowledge base in educating, you can start your career journey with AISD as an educator. Of course, the mission of AISD is to create great innovations and excel in academics. Well, if you join the Austin district, it means you join a family that puts students first and helps them achieve their best.

However, there are a bunch of requirements that you should meet. If you apply for a teacher position, make sure to have a valid Texas teaching certificate or also eligible in an alternative certification program. If you have an out of state certificate, you need to apply for Texas state certification through the Texas Education Agency.

  • Teaching Assistants

In addition to being a teacher, you can also apply as a Teaching Assistant. You probably already know that AISD transports nearly 23,000 students daily on nearly 500 buses. So, AIDS ensures to provide the best service for his students without a lack of teachers.

  • Substitute Teacher

You can also apply for a substitute teacher position to inspire, support, and encourage the AISD students. If you become a substitute teacher, you will enjoy a flexible work schedule and any chances to teach various subjects.

  • Transportation

Austin Independent School District also gives a chance for individuals who have driving skill to join AISD bus drivers. In fact, AISD  transports nearly 23,000 students on nearly 50 buses daily. As one of the largest school districts in Texas,  AISD seems to ensure safe, reliable and  also professional transportation for the students.

To apply for a driver position, the individuals should have a valid Texas Driver’s License (Class C) and must be 21 years old when applying. They also should have an acceptable driving record, according to TPS Safety standards. Last, make sure to pass a drug & alcohol test and pass a Department of Transportation Physical Examination.

  • Leadership Development

The Department of Leadership Development encourages you to set leadership opportunities through a robust training program. The Urban Education Leadership Academy has provided a year-long training for assistant principals and prospective principals.

Through the AISD’s leadership training, the participants receive training, based on the curriculum of Austin Independent School District. Moreover, the participant will also have opportunities to learn leadership training from district leaders.

What’s Offer?

Austin Independent School District seems to welfare of employees by providing any incentive and compensation package for those who have great ambition and accomplishments. The compensation here includes salary, medical and dental insurance , as well as a retirement package through the Teacher Retirement System and customized professional development for staff.

Pursue Your Career with AISD

Recently, there are numerous positions available to fill in Austin Independent School District (AISD). If you have basics, especially in the field of education, of course applying for a teacher position is the right thing for you.

Not all positions in AISD have requirements for educator or teacher positions. However, there are other positions that you can apply for, aside from  educator positions such as administration, food service, security, and many more.

We think that that’s a great opportunity for you to set your career, who knows you are an individual that AISD is looking for. To ease you finding out the appropriate position for applying job to Austin Independent School District, we will also show you a list of job openings in AISD, here are they:


Certainly, there is an opportunity for individuals who have educational basics and knowledge. Today, there are a number of positions for teachers you can apply to. Here are they:

For Elementary School Teacher

  • Elementary Bilingual Ed 4-5 (1)
  • Elementary Bilingual Ed PK-3 (6)
  • Elementary Bilingual K-5 (1)
  • Elementary ESL 4-5 (3)
  • Elementary ESL K-5 (1)
  • Elementary ESL PK-3 (4)
  • Elementary PK-3 (1)
  • Elementary Special Ed (25)

For High School Teacher

  • High School  Band (1)
  • High School  Career Tech Ed (3)
  • High School  English Language Arts (2)
  • High School  Math (6)
  • High School  Science (11)
  • High School  Social Studies (2)
  • High School  Special Ed (23)

For Middle School Teacher

  • Middle School Band (1)
  • Middle School Career Tech Ed (2)
  • Middle School ESL (2)
  • Middle School Foreign Language (3)
  • Middle School Language Arts (4)
  • Middle School Math (7)
  • Middle School Physical Education (1)
  • Middle School Science (2)
  • Middle School Social Studies (1)
  • Middle School Special Ed (11)

Teacher for Special Education – Multiple Levels (2)


  • Counselor: Elementary (11), High School (2) and Middle School (5)
  • Librarian (4)
  • Mental Health Specialist (2)
  • Orientation and Mobility Instructor (1)
  • Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) (4)
  • Accountant (1)
  • Budget Analyst (1)
  • Procurement Specialist (2)
  • Program/Project Specialist (1)
  • Translator/Interpreter (1)


  • Assistant Principal: Elementary (4), High School (3) and Middle School (2)
  • Principal: Elementary (2) and High School (1)
  • Administrative Supervisor (4)
  • Coordinator (12)
  • Director (4)
  • Other (13)


  • Alarm Technician (3)
  • Emergency Management Specialist (1)
  • Police Communication Specialist (2)
  • Police Officer (1)
  • Other (10)

Food Services

  • Food Production Specialist Substitute (1)
  • Food Service Manager Trainee (1)
  • Other (69)

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