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AISD is currently launching a mobile app to track bus school. With the use of bus finder apps, the parents of AISD students will be able to track their children when they come home. A mobile bus tracker app here is ‘WheresTheBus’ app which is available on Android and Apple Store.

Learn more about the “WheresTheBus’ app information including the  performance, how to install and to use, as well as the overview of this app through our post below!

AISD Bus Finder App Tracker

How Does ‘WheresTheBus’ App Work?

With the use of ‘WheresTheBus’ app, it will allow the users/ parents/ school offices to track more than 500 buses which carry roughly 23,000 students on 390 bus routes every day. This bus finder app uses GPS data to estimate arrival time. Later, the parents of AISD students will be able to plan accordingly.

The ‘WheresTheBus’ app definitely provides parents with timely information about each bus’ location and when the bus will arrive at their stop. Since its release, this bus finder app seems to lighten the workload for bus drivers who often receive phone calls from parents when the bus is behind schedule.

For security reasons, the users who have a Parent Cloud account from the AISD Department of Information Systems & Technology will be able to use the ‘WheresTheBus’ app. Moreover, the AISD’s transportation team is committed to provide parents with the best service.

The ‘WheresTheBus’ app is free to AISD parents/families whose children ride the bus. This app is available on Android and Apple Store, as well as on any device with Internet access such as tablet, smartphone, iPod and personal computer. It may take less than five minutes to download and install this app on a mobile device, but this app will not live until Monday when AISD school begins.

Signing Up to the ‘WheresTheBus’ App, Here’s the Guide!

The individuals who want to use the ‘WheresTheBus’ app have to sign up first on the Parent Cloud account. Well, to sign up to the AISD Parent Cloud account, make sure to perform multiple steps as follow:

  • First, go to my.austinisd.org
  • Then, sign into your Parent Cloud account. If you have not an account yet, you need to create it first by selecting ‘Click here to create your parent account’ option. Sure, without a Parent Cloud account, you cannot access the ‘Where’s the Bus’ page.
  • After logging into your Parent Cloud account, you will need to use a ‘search’ icon located in the top left corner or just begin typing to look for the ‘WheresTheBus app’. Then, click on the ‘bus’ icon to launch the app.
  • A few moments later, a new tab will show the ETA, school location, bus location and also home location.
  • So, you definitely can access ‘WheresTheBus’ through a mobile app or through the Parent Cloud page.

If you face any issues related to registration and settings of your account, it’s better for you to make a call to the Parent Technology Support Help Line at 512-414-9187.

Installing the ‘WheresTheBus’ App, Here’s the Guide!

To install the ‘WheresTheBus’ app, you need to download the app first on your mobile device.

  • For Android users, you can download it here and for iOS users, you can download it here.
  • After successfully installing this app, you can then open it to start tracking the bus.
  • When you open this app, you will be asked if your child rides an AISD bus. Click on the ‘Yes’ button, if your child really rides on one of AISD buses.
  • After that, you will be required to login first by entering your AISD Parent Cloud credentials.
  • Once logging in, you can access the bus arrival information. To note, you cannot access the ‘WheresTheBus’ app without a Parent Cloud account.
  • If your credentials are validated, you will then receive real-time bus arrival information. That’s no login required or one touch access.

Congratulations! You successfully use the ‘WheresTheBus’ app. Well, using this app is pretty easy to do, isn’t it?

What Will You Find on ‘WheresTheBus’ App?

When you are accessing the ‘WheresTheBus’ app, you definitely will find numerous sections which will be needed by parents to track their child’s bus. So, there are some sections that you can find on the app, here are they;

  • Arrival Status: This section shows an estimated time of arrival (ETA). The ETA is displayed when bus arrival time can be predicted. Otherwise, if the bus arrival time (ETA) is not available, you can use the bus location and distance from your stop.
  • Last Message: This section shows a ‘Current’ display when bus data has been received at the last minute. However, the bus will likely be stopped at a school or inactive or layover, if updates are not received, meaning no messages in the least 15 minutes.
  • Your House: This is displayed by a home icon.
  • Your School: This is displayed by a school icon.
  • Your Bus Stop: This is displayed by a stop sign  icon.
  • 10-minute Marker: It shows a location when the bus is 10 minutes away.
  • Bus Location & Distance: This is displayed by bus icon and distance.
  • Bus#: This section allows you to switch between buses by clicking on the bus number, if multiple.
  • Substitute bus: This section will inform you if bus 1400 were subbing for bus 1423, so it will be displayed as 1432(1400).

More About AISD Transportation

Sometimes, the AISD pickup,  dropoff times and bus routes may be delayed or changed because of traffic, weather, road closures and other circumstances. You should know that AISD monitors over 370 bus routes each day, fitting routes and adding buses as needed.

Moreover, the AISD transports nearly 23,000 students daily on nearly 50 buses. They ensure safe, reliable, and professional transportation for all students.

If you need the information about a specific AISD bus route, you can make a call to AISD’s Transportation Department at 512-414-0238, Monday through Friday between 7:45 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. You can also call dispatchers at AISD’s bus terminals to get information about the routes.

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