After winning which battle did the british learn that defeating the americans would not be easy?

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The question about which winning battle did the British learn that defeating the Americans would be easy is part of the Chapter 5 Study quiz. In order to get the answer to the question right, you can use Battle of Bunker Hill as your answer.

The complete Chapter 5 Study quiz is able to be found on If you want to know all of them, feel free to visit anytime you want. It is free and will not require you to sign into the site to access the content. Here is a brief summary of the other questions of the quiz.

  1. Who angered the colonists that made them believe that they should be taxed only by their own assemblies?

Correct answer: Stamp Act

  1. Which country did Great Britain fight that caused them to develop a huge debt?

Correct answer: French

  1. What was one named as one of the ways women protested the Townshend Acts?

Correct answer: Boycotting

  1. Which engraving of Paul Revere was the example of the propaganda that led to more intense anti-British feelings among the colonists?

Correct answer: Boston massacre

  1. Who sold the military information to the British?

Correct answer: Benedict Arnold

  1. Who was the one that warned that the British were coming?

Correct answer: Paul Revere

  1. What allowed those colonists to play the lower taxes on molasses?

Correct answer: Sugar act

  1. What did the Olive Branch Petition want for the king to do?

Correct answer: Protect the colonists rights

  1. What was the dramatic act of defiance that was celebrated by some colonists?

Correct answer: Boston tea party

  1. What was the response of the Parliament when Britain learned that the colonies were on the brink of rebellion in 1768?

Correct answer: Parliament send troops to Boston

  1. Which one gave the East India Company a benefit over colonial merchants?

Correct answer: Tea act

  1. Which one stated that Parliament had the right to tax colonists?

Correct answer: Declaratory act

  1. Which act taxed the goods being imported to the colonies?

Correct answer: Townshend act

  1. Aside from organizing protests, what did the Sons of Liberty do?

Correct answer: Burned effigies tax collectors.

  1. What did the writs of the assistance allow British customs officers to find?

Correct answer: Homes for smuggled goods.

  1. Along with Paul Revere, who warned Samuel Adams that the British were coming?

Correct answer: William Dawes

  1. Who ordered to take away the weapons of the Massachusetts militia?

Correct answer: Thomas Gage

  1. Who was the first commander of the Continental Army?

Correct answer: George Washington

  1. Who was the one that led the failed American attack on Quebec?

Correct answer: Benedict Arnold

  1. Who was the one who led the Green Mountain Boys who captured the British held Fort Ticonderoga?

Correct answer: Ethan Allen

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