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In addition to Dental Insurance, Aetna is also providing Vision Insurance that helps the individuals to improve their vision health. If you take Aetna Vision Insurance, you will be able to take care of your vision health and also obtain your whole health in a simple benefit package.

If you already have Aetna Vision Insurance, it’d be better if you look for a reputable provider nearby that accepts Aetna Vision Insurance. No worries! Aetna really provides an in-network online provider system that allows you to find the proper Aetna Vision Provider easier. So, let’s dive into our post to find out the Aetna Vision Provider list!

Aetna Vision Providers List

How to Get Aetna Vision Provider List?

Unfortunately, there’s no list of providers that accept Aetna Vision Insurance for all states, regions or also countries. Instead you can find the Aetna Vision provider list by doing a search first based on a specific location using Aetna’s in-network online provider system. Then, how to use it?

To get the provider list that accept Aetna Vision Insurance, you just simply visit Aetna’s in-network online provider system called ‘EyeDocLocator’. After you are at the page of EyeDocLocator, you will see three methods to look for the Aetna Vision provider list. Here they are:

Method 1: Search by location

The first method allows you to look for the Aetna Vision provider by location. If you use this method, you will need to use your location or your ZIP Code.

Here’s how to search the Aetna Vision provider by location!

  • First, you can just simply click on the ‘Use My Location’ button.
  • After that, the system will start to look for the Aetna Vision provider near your location.
  • In the process of searching for the Aetna Vision provider, it will take a while until it brings you the result.

Here’s how to search the Aetna Vision provider by using ZIP Code!

  • To use ZIP code, you just enter your ZIP Code on the ‘Zip Code’ bar next to Use My Location button.
  • Once you enter the ZIP Code, you can click on the ‘Search By Zip’ button.
  • Just like searching by location, using ZIP code will also take a while to bring you the results of Aetna Vision Providers list.
  • In the next page, you will see a list of Aetna vision providers.

If you use ZIP Code to search Aetna Vision Provider list, you can filter your search by choosing some options such as:

Languages spoken other than English

  1. Hours and scheduling
  2. Products
  3. Gender
  4. Brands
  5. Specialty
  6. Services

After choosing all the options, click the ‘Filter Results’ option and then you can remove filters you’ve used. For a smart alternative, you can print the Aetna Vision Provider list by clicking the ‘Print’ button next to the ‘Filters’ button.  Additionally, you can also send Aetna vision providers list via email by clicking the ‘Email’ button.

Method 2: Search by Name and ZIP

In addition to searching the Aetna Provider list by location, you can also look for Aetna Vision Provider list by name and ZIP. Make sure to know the doctor’s last name or healthcare facility name when searching an Aetna Vision provider by name and ZIP.

If you really know the name of the doctor and the healthcare facility, you can just type the doctor’s last name or office name in the available bar. Then, enter the ZIP code in the available bar. In the case of entering the ZIP code, make sure to enter a valid 5-digit ZIP code or use location to search for it.

By using this method, you can also easily look for a specific eye doctor or retailer near your location.

Method 3: Search Online Lasik Provider

The last method you can use to find out the Aetna Vision provider list is by searching online for Lasik Provider. By using this method, you can easily purchase glasses and contact lenses online from a trusted provider.

To start searching for an online vision shop and Lasik provider, you can just click on the ‘Online & Lasik’ option next to ‘Search by name and ZIP’ option. After clicking it, the following page will bring you a number of online stores that provide any kind of glasses and contact lens. Of course, you can visit one by one shop for purchasing the glasses and contact lens, based on your vision condition.

You can also look for a Lasik Provider by clicking the ‘Visit’ link to find the Lasik provider list nearby. Or you can also make a call to 1-800-422-6600.

It is known that Aetna provide many options of trusted online shops to buy glasses and contact lens such as:

  • Ray-Ban
  • LensCrafters
  • Target Optical
  • Etc.

Easy Tips to Search for Aetna Vision Provider List

There are some tips and tricks that you can take to make it easier for you to search by provider, here are they:

  • Ensure you enter a 5-digit ZIP code correctly, since Aetna will take it from the ZIP code you enter.
  • It’d be better to take advantage of filters to narrow down your search. Make sure to filter by brands that you love, hours, specific technology, etc. if the result is open.

Keep in mind, not all providers will accept every Aetna Vision Insurance plan and also offer the discount and service on non-covered services. That means, the vision services may not be available in your location or in all states.

After you’re not registered in an Aetna Vision Insurance Plan yet, your actual in-network online system may vary from what appears on Aetna’s locator. While if you’ve taken an Aetna Vision Insurance plan, you just simply login to get access to the exact list of available providers depending on the specific network and plan.

After a provider is shown, it’s highly recommended for you to call the provider’s customer support to confirm whether the provider actually accepts Aetna Vision Insurance Plan or not. If you click on ‘I Don’t Know’, it will bring you the search results based on Advantage Network.

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