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The Atlantic County Institute of Technology is providing an easy access portal for students. The ACIT student portal will give a bunch of information that the students need for their studying progress. Generally, the students can access their gradebook, view the schedule, find their courses and also take an assignment.

If you are an ACIT student who is looking for a way to access the Student Portal, you will get an easy way through our post, as we will give you a link to access your Student Portal. So, which link to access the ACIT student portal? Let’s see our post below!

Accessing the ACIT Student Portal, Here’s the Guide!

To access the ACIT student portal, you have to visit the Realtime ACIT Student Portal link at

ACIT Student Portal
After clicking this link, you will be taken to the login page. Here, you will be required to enter your username and password. After that, you can click on the ‘Sign In’ button to continue accessing your student portal. The username and password here can be obtained from your guidance counselor.

Then, if you encounter a problem when logging, you can contact your guidance counselor for assistance by sending them an email.

How to Find ACIT Student Resources?

Aside from the Student Portal guide, as a student of ACIT, you also want to know more about student resources. Through the student resources, you will find numerous information to lead you doing what you should do.

Well, the Atlantic County Institute of Technology also provides the student resources. Any information contained in Student Resources will help you to do further action for your study. The student resources can be found on the section of ‘Parent & Student’ on the top of ACIT menus.

When you access, you definitely will find a number of menus. Then, you will see the ‘Parent & Student’ category. This section provides any information about parents and students. In this section, you will find Media Center, Title, Parent University and Student Transportation.

How to Find ACIT Student Resources

Each section will be explained below!

Media Center

This section shows you the student’s activities, images and any information for some topics. Here are what you will find in ACIT Media Center;

  • African-American History
  • American History
  • American Indian History
  • Ancient & Medieval History
  • Bloom’s Literature
  • Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
  • Health Reference Center
  • Modern World History
  • Science Online
  • World Geography and Culture

Title I

In the ‘Parents & Students’ section, you will find Title I, a program unit which provides the  technical assistance, guidance and resources to LEAS. This program ensures the economically disadvantaged students in order to get an equitable, fair and high-quality education,

This program is expected to get positive feedback from students, parents and also staff including:

  • The collaboration has improved
  • The technology tools implementation
  • Finding new methods for communication
  • The students appear to be adapting well
  • Also supports are in place

However, this program could be also challenging, as not all parties will support this program. Well, the challenges here include:

  • The time and opportunities for collaboration
  • The interaction and communications are just different
  • The lack of control over the unknowns
  • The difference takes time getting used to

Parent University

As we’ve explained, the Parents & Students section not only provides the student resources, but also parent resources. If you are a parent of an ACIT student, you definitely will find any information that you will need to know your child’s study progress.

The Parent University can be found in the form of a video that you can access on the Red Hawk Media YouTube channel here. A number of videos show what the parents should know about their child’s campus. By accessing the Parent University section, the parents can choose what they are looking for by simply clicking on the video based on the information they need.

If you want to access the Parent University section, you can go to the official ACIT website here. On the homepage, you will find the ‘I want to…’ option and click on it. By clicking on it, it will open up a list of menus including Parent Portal, Student Portal, Student Transportation, Parent University and Summer Assignments.

After that, click on the ‘Parent University’. You will then see a list of videos showing  a specific topic about the ACIT information. Certainly, you can click on a video which  explains the topic that you’re looking for.

Student Transportation

In the ‘Parents & Students’ section, you will also find the Student Transportation section. However, it contains information about the transportation for the ACIT students. The transportation here includes the rute and the schedule of the student’s home district. By knowing the student transportation, you will then know your transportation route and the schedule to go to and return from the campus.

What Departments Are Available in ACIT?

If you attend the Atlantic County Institute of Technology, you may need any information that you will get from each department. Certainly, it’s highly recommended for you to know the department that you will find in ACIT.  There are a number of departments you can visit in ACIT, here are they:

  • The Business Office provides the operation and management of the district’s resources including Account Payable, Account Receivable, Purchasing, Payroll and more.
  • The Child Study Team works to provide management for all students.
  • Work-based Learning gives a chance for the students to experience work-based learning in a career setting.
  • Curriculum & Instruction provides a guide which consists of a brief description for each course.
  • Facilities provide the information about the educational program offered to students.
  • Food Services shows a list of food menus for students which will be posted each week.
  • Human Resources is the career opportunity section providing the job openings for ACIT.
  • The Guidance Department provides the roles and responsibilities of the student services including school counselors, college and career counselor and also crisis counselor/SAC.
  • The Principal’s Office works to give motivation to the students to participate in the various after school clubs and also athletic programs.
  • School Nurse assists the students, faculty, staff and also parents to provide the latest news about the student’s health and safety.

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