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The Atlantic County Institute of Technology provides an exclusive portal for parents. The ACIT parent portal commonly gives any important information which pertains to the upcoming school year. With the help of a parent portal, every parent will be assisted in getting any  information as quickly as possible.

If you are an ACIT parent who is looking for a way to access the Parent Portal, you’re at the right page, as this post will give you a link to access the parent portal. Where to access the ACIT parent portal? Let’s see our post below!

Accessing the ACIT Parent Portal, Here’s the Guide!

To access the ACIT parent portal, the parents should visit the official Parent Portal link at By clicking this link, the parent should enter their username and password. Then, click on the ‘Sign In’ button to continue accessing the portal.

ACIT Parent Portal Login
If the parents do not have a username and password, they can contact their child’s guidance counselor first by sending an email. When the parents accesses the Parent Portal, they will find a bunch of information, including:

  • Important Documents
  • Lunch Applications
  • Schedules
  • Important Permissions and Releases
  • One-to-One information for 9th and 11th Grade students
  • Verification of Contacts and Emergency Contacts

Generally, a lot of parents will look for their child’s schedule. By seeing the student’s schedule, certainly the parents will know when they have the schedule with their teachers. So, they can control their child’s schedule as well as possible.

Aside from the schedule, the parents can also find the gradebook. When they open the gradebook, they will view all of their child’s classes. If the parents want to know why they have a certain grade, they can also click the ‘Class’ section. After clicking the ‘Class’, it will bring up all the assignments.

Then, if the student has a note or description, the parents can click the arrow which will open up a window. Here, the parents can see the daily grade and the notes that they were late to class. Well, if the parents have any other questions which are not available in the Parent Portal, they can email their student’s guidance counselor.

ACIT Parent University

ACIT also provides the Parent University section in the resources. The Parent University section contains a number of videos which explain about what the parents need to know about their child’s campus.

When parents access the Parent University section, they can choose what they are looking for, as each video shows a certain information. So, they just simply click on the video based on the information they need.

To find the Parent University section, go to When you are at the homepage of ACIT, you will find the ‘I want to…’ option. Then, click on it and it will show you a list of menus including Parent Portal, Student Portal, Student Transportation, Parent University and Summer Assignments.

ACIT Parent University
As you want to access the Parent University section, you can click on the option. By clicking the option, it will open up a list of videos on ACIT and Red Hawk Media channel. Of course, each video shows a specific topic about the ACIT information that the parents should know. Certainly, you can click on a video explaining the topic that you’re looking for.

Here’s a list of topic that you will find in Parent University section:

  • A tutorial of accessing the realtime parent portal
  • Information about financial aid workshop
  • Health and wellness for the power of hydration
  • The power of sleep
  • 2020 black history month assembly
  • Coronavirus PSA
  • Google hangouts voice calling
  • Google hangouts meet record sessions
  • A fact of what families should know about the standardized/ common assessments and benchmarks
  • A way of how to fill out FAFSA explained in step-by-step
  • More

Certainly, there are still a lot of videos that the parents can watch providing any important information. To make it easy for parents to find what they are looking for through the ACIT Parent University section, they can also directly visit ACIT YouTube channel here. Then, get started to watch the video.

Learn More About Student Transportation

The Atlantic County Institute of Technology also provides the transportation for the students through their home district who are attending this  college. As a parent, you may also want to know all information about the student transportation, so you will be more understanding of your child’s transportation route and the schedule.

We also show you a list of transportation documents for all sending districts in Atlantic County. Here are they :

City/Town Sending District Transportation Office
Absecon Absecon 609 641 5375 Ext 1050 or 1011
Atlantic City Atlantic City 609 343 7200 Ext 5010
Brigantine Brigantine 609 264 9501
Margate Margate 609 646 3035
Ventnor Ventnor 609 646 3035
Buena Vista Township Buena Regional 609 697 0800 Ext 8109
Collings Lakes
Estell Manor
Egg Harbor Township Egg Harbor Twp 609 927 2443 Ext 1704
Folsom Hammonton 609 567 7078
Northfield Mainland 609 383 6800 Ext 4172
Somers Point
Galloway Absegami 609 652 1373 Ext 2708
Hamilton Twp Oakcrest 609 909 2600 Option 5
Mays Landing
Egg Harbor City Cedar Creek 609 909 2600 Option 5
Port Republic
Pleasantville Pleasantville 609 383 6800 Ext 4172

About  Title I Rights and Services for Parent University

In the Parent University section, you will find Title I Rights and Services. So, what is it? The Title I program unit is providing technical assistance, guidance and resources to LEAS. With the help of covering academic achievements gaps, it assures the children who are economically disadvantaged will receive an equitable, fair and high-quality education,

This program is expected to get positive feedback from students, parents and also staff. The positive feedback here may be the collaboration has improved, the technology tools implementation, finding new methods for communication, the students appear to be adapting well and also supports are in place.

For its challenges, it could be the time and opportunities for collaboration, the interaction and communications are just different, the lack of control over the unknowns and also the difference takes time getting used to.

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