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You may come here because you are looking for some information about Achieve 3000 Cheat Sheet 2021. Well, we have searched about it and here we will inform you what we found about Achieve 3000 Cheat Sheet. So, make sure that you are able to read the article until the end.

Achieve 3000 Cheat Sheet

In the website of Monroe County School District, you are able to find the Achieve 3000 Cheat Sheet. So, here is the information that you will get from Achieve 3000 Cheat Sheet.

How to Add a Student

You have to go to Admin and then choose User Administration and then choose Add users to my class.

  • You have to make sure to use the local ID of the student.
  • After you add students, you have to click on the Return to Class List and then click on Next. If there are no error messages, you have to click on Finished.
  • If you find that there is an error icon beside a student’s name, she or he maybe was enrolled in A3000 at a different school. You have to click on the exclamation point and choose the option that accepts that that is the same student.

Student Work that Needs Feedback/ Grading

Multiple Choice Activities

You have to go to Admin and then choose Student Work, choose News and then choose Activities.

  • You are also able to view scores for stretch activities and bonus lessons from this report. You just have to change the options on the preferences screen.
  • You need to verify the scores on the progress charts of the students and then use the progress charts to add the grades on Pinpoint.

Thought Questions & Reading Connections

You have to go to Admin and then choose Student Work, choose News, choose Thought Question or choose Reading Connections.

  • You have to save the word document that sent to you quickly copy and paste common comments for reading connections and thought questions.
  • Your comments are emailed to the students. So, you have to make sure that you remind the student to be able to access their email to see feedback.
  • You have to award points and enter a grade into Pinpoint.

Reports for Intervention

Student Usage

You have to access Admin and then choose Usage Reports and then choose How are my students using their time?

  • If you find that a student is not completing work, this report shows where she or he spends most of his time.
  • In News & Activities, students should spend most of their time.

Look for Patterns

You have to access Admin and then choose Performance Reports and then choose How are my students performing on standards?

  • You are able to check the individual students’ patterns. You are able to do that by looking at their progress charts.
  • This report will give you groups of students who may need intervention on types of questions.

Viewing Student Emails

You have to access Admin and then choose Student Work and then choose Email Messages.

  • By rewarding points, it can increase engagement and permit students to compete in the national/ state/ district competitions. Even per month, Achieve3000 actually gives out prizes. You are able to try to view emails and award points periodically based on their content.
  • You are also able to reply to emails from this report which is a great way to reinforce great habits and break bad ones.
  • You need to encourage complete sentences and discourage text language in emails.

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 has been guiding the transition of educators to online learning for 20 years. Now, they are here to be able to give a help to districts to navigate the shift between teaching students at school and at home. It is done to ensure every kid especially those most at risk, stays on track.

Achieve3000 has a mission to be able to accelerate and deepen learning for students everywhere. Achieve3000 is an edtech which was founded in 2000. Then, the company was a pioneer in the use of differentiated instruction both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Mission

Their mission is that together to unlock potential and accelerate learning for every student.

  • Vision

Their vision is that to inspire and lead the transformation of literacy worldwide.

  • Their Values

Their values include membership, innovation, passion, credibility, adaptability and transparency.

According to the official website of Achieve3000, until now there are more than 5 million students who use Achieve3000 for their learning tool. Also, there are 50 states, 40,500 schools, 48 countries, 310,500 teachers, and 9,600 districts which use Achieve3000.

Here are the milestones of Achieve3000.

  • In 2000, Achieve3000 was founded in Lakewood, NJ.
  • In 2015, Achieve3000 was acquired by Insight Venture Partners.
  • In 2015, Achieve3000 acquired Smarty Ants.
  • In 2017, Achieve3000 was recognized by ESSA for providing “strong evidence” of efficacy.
  • In 2018, Stuart Udell named Achieve3000 CEO.
  • In 2018, Achieve3000 acquired Actively Learn.
  • In 2020, Achieve3000 launched Achieve3000 Math.
  • In 2021, Achieve3000 acquired Teachonomy.

Achieve3000 provide a comprehensive suite of digital solutions which significantly can accelerate and deepen learning in literacy, science, math, and social studies as well.

Learning platforms of Achieve3000 include Smarty Ants, Achieve3000 Literacy, Actively Learn, and Achieve3000 Math. The key benefits of Achieve3000 solutions are listed below.

  • They accelerate learning growth.
  • They promote deeper learning.
  • They provide equity and access for all.
  • They offer culturally relevant content.
  • It is designed for maximum flexibility.
  • They deliver proven learning gains.

For 20 years of operating, Achieve3000 has achieved a number of awards and certifications. Some of them are listed below.

  • The 2012 SIIA CODiE Award was won by Smarty Ants for Best Education Game or Simulation.
  • The 2019 SIIA CODiE Award was won by Actively Learn for Best Reading/ Writing/ Literature Instructional Solution for Grades 9 to 12 and Higher Education.
  • A Research-Based Design product certification from Digital Promise in 2021 was awarded to Smarty Ants.
  • A Research-Based Design product certification from Digital Promise in 2021 was awarded to Achieve3000.
  • Achieve3000 Literacy became a finalist for the 2015 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Educational App for a Mobile Device.

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