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Are you needing to complete the Achieve 3000? If the answer to the question is yes, you can find the answers on Instagram. For those who are looking for the Achieve 3000 answers on Instagram, you can find the account named quick_achieve3000. This one does a public service to anyone who has to complete the Achieve 3000 by providing you a lot of Achieve 3000 answers. Below are some of the Achieve 3000 answers:

The Other First Thanksgiving

  1. A. The Pilgrims ate turkey at their Thanksgiving with the Wamanoag tribe at Plymouth Plantation.
  2. C. Mastery
  3. D. Pedro Menendez de Aviles and company founded the colony of St. Augustine and claimed all of Florida for Spain.
  4. D. The native Timucuan tribe had a major impact on the Spanish settlers’ ability to survive and thrive in St. Augustine.
  5. C. They invited their new friends from the Timucuan tribe and cooked up cocido, a stew of garbanzo beans, salted pork, and garlic… If the Timucuan did bring their own victuals to share, it was probably stuff like corn, squash, fish, and gopher tortoise.
  6. A. Cocido, a traditional Spanish stew of garbanzo beans, salted pork, and garlic, is a much tastier Thanksgiving dish to serve than turkey.
  7. C. Provisions
  8. A. Explain that the Pilgrims were not the first people to settle in the New World and celebrate their new home with a big feast

Hooked on Animal Crossing

  1. B. Most people were staying home during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, and the game let people spend time with their friends.
  2. D. The cost of the game for Nintendo Switch consoles and handheld systems.
  3. C. The free version, called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is the more engaging version of the game.
  4. A. Captivated
  5. B. A popular simulation style video game by Nintendo that enables players to explore and spend time with friends on virtual private islands.
  6. A. Very peaceful
  7. B. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not a free version of the game.
  8. B. Things that became popular during the coronavirus pandemic

A Map to a New Sunflower

  1. C. Because they want to locate genes responsible for agriculturally important traits
  2. C. Scientists crossbred a standard sunflower with a Silverleaf sunflower to produce a hybrid sunflower species.
  3. B. Prolific
  4. C. What is the next plant family scientists will want to map after they’ve completed mapping the sunflower genome?
  5. D. Renewable Fuels Association experts say the vast majority of biofuels is produced from corn.
  6. B. mapping sunflowers’ DNA sequence in order to create a new sunflower species to be used for food and ethanol
  7. B. Inhibit
  8. B. It is wise for scientists to map the genomes of plants instead of spending years of experimentation.

The Electoral College Explained

  1. A. Constitution Outlines Complicated Voting System To Elect U.S. President
  2. A. Factious
  3. C. Because a presidential candidate might win the popular vote but lose the election based on electoral votes.
  4. B. The Electoral College is useful, but the winner takes all voting rule should be eliminated.
  5. A. Why did the Nation’s founders establish the Electoral College when they wrote the Constitution?
  6. D. Quirky and banal
  7. D. In a U.S. government and history textbook
  8. A. To suggest that changing the way in which the U.S. president is elected would be extremely difficult

The Truth Is Out There

  1. C. Some characters of conspiracy theories and how to think critically in order to evaluate their accuracy
  2. B. Diminutive
  3. B. Th theory that a pizza restaurant intentionally repurposed other patrons’ pies is ludicrous and should be dismissed.
  4. A. What are some examples of authoritative news websites that are likely to be credible?
  5. C. Conspiracy theorists present an alternative explanation for something they have observed, while respected authorities are experts in a field of study who share credible information.
  6. D. Indefatigably
  7. B. emphasize the importance of researching sources to determine their reliability
  8. A. Because it was constructed with millions of precisely cut blocks of stone weighting at least 2 tons (about 1.8 metric tons) each before humans had modern machinery

Best Video Game Ever?

  1. B. Fortnite, which recently achieved the number one ranking on the unofficial online list of the top video games, is popular because it is free and also offers games three distractive modes to play.
  2. B. It is more exciting to play Fortnite: Save the World than it is to play either Battle Royale or Fortnite Creative.
  3. B. Catalysmal
  4. B. Fortnite: Save the World pits teams of players against one another to defend their realms whereas Battle Royale is purely a game of survival.
  5. D. Newcomers to Fortnite are initially affected to the game because they do not have to risk any money to play it.
  6. B. Metaphorically
  7. D. To describe some of the more important characteristics of each of Fortnite’s three distractive modes of play.
  8. B. In 2018, the gaming industry actually made over 543 billion, for the first time earning more than the entire Hollywood movie industry, a milestone which may suggest that game designers now have a majority chunk of the population depending on them for regular entertainment.

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