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When you try to solve the practice of Achieve 3000, you may wonder whether you get the right answer or not. As you know that in every page of Achieve 3000 products, there are some packets for practice that you are able to download for free.

Achieve 3000 Smart Ants Packets Answer Keys

In the Smarty Ants page, there are practice link pages that you can click to download free printable packets. After you click the link, you will be directed to a page where you are able to download the practice and also the answer keys.

Achieve 3000 Literacy Practice Packets Answer Keys

On the Achieve 3000 Literacy, you are able to download the printable packets which are great for students at home without internet access. You are able to download a month’s worth of content packets. There, you can get these things:

Achieve 3000 Literacy Practice Packets Answer Keys

  • 20 printable articles including the comprehension questions
  • 12 levels of content from grades 2 to 12
  • Texts which are provided are differentiated below, at and above grade level

Click on the packet and you will be directed to a page containing links to download. Each practice is completed with the answer keys. So, after you complete the practice, you are able to check whether your answers are right or not by checking it to the Answer keys in the last pages of each practice.

Below, we have the answer keys of 1st Grade which is the text entitled Women Adventurers (150L).

  • Think about the article, which took place last?

The answer: B. A woman traveled around the world in 72 days.

  • The author probably wrote this article with the aim to…

The answer: C. tell readers about the adventurers of some women.

  • Which of these in an opinion?

The answer: C. Jeanne Baret should not have dressed herself as a man.

  • In the article, it says ” Women mostly had to stay home. Not these three women.”

Which means the opposite of stay?

D. leave

And here are the answer keys of the 7th Grade activity entitled Teen Pilot Breaks World Record (980 L).

  • Can you explain the cause and effect relationship is described in this article?

The answer: B. Because of the bad weather, Mason Andrews experienced throughout his solo flight around the world, the teen pilot encountered some frightening moments.

  • What is the important thing to include in a summary of this article?

The answer: D. At age 18, Mason Andrews became the youngest solo pilot to circumnavigate the globe.

  • Which one of the statements below is a statement of opinion?

The answer: D. Mason Andrews acted generously when he decided to use his trip to raise money for MedCamps for Louisiana, which offers summer camps for children with disabilities.

  • Which is the closest antonym for the word diligently, as it is used in the article?

The answer: A. Carelessly

  • The aim of the author to write this article is to…

The answer: C. Inform readers about an ambitious young man who worked diligently to be able to achieve a challenging goal

  • Based on the article, the reader is able to infer that ….

The answer: C. It is unlikely that Mason Andrews will stop dreaming big and trying to achieve future goals now that he has flown solo around the world.

  • Which would be the closest synonym for the word ambitious, as it is used above?

The answer: C. Determined

  • From the article, which passage best supports the idea that Mason Andrews’ parents must be convinced to permit Mason to make a solo flight circumnavigating the world?

The anwer: B. But Mason was ready to turn their ‘nos’ into ‘yeses’ by diligently doing his research and presenting them with a well-thought-out plan.

The Answer Key of Activity Entitled Hearts of Our People

Are you trying to complete an activity entitled Hearts of Our People in Achieve 3000? If you are doing it, here we have some answer key for the activity.

  • What is the article mainly about?

The answer: D. A traveling exhibition called ‘Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists’ celebrates diversity by featuring descriptions of artwork in English and the Native language of each artist.

  • Which one of the statements below is a statement of opinion?

The answer: D. Skilled artists often struggle to succeed because they lack the business and leadership skills necessary to promote their work.

  • According to the article, now does the artwork of Ramona Sakiestewa and Kelly Church differ?

The answer: B. Sakiestewa weaves double sided tapestries inspired by images from the Hubble Space Telescope, while Church weaves black ash wood into items to represent a tradition that is being threatened.

  • Based on the article, what are the reasons Kelly Church hid a USB flash drive in her green egg?

The answer: D. To preserve all the knowledge needed to teach others ash weaving in case ash resources are lost in the future

  • Which of these statements is contrary to ideas presented in the article?

The answer: C. “Hearts of Our People” includes artwork only of living Native artists

  • Which two words are the closest synonyms?

The answer: C. resilience and perseverance

The Answer Key of Soldier in the Wind of 2nd Grade

If you are trying to complete the Soldier in the Wind of 2nd grade, here we have the answer key of the activity.

  • What made Yokoi flee into the jungle according to the article?

The answer: A. He thought U.S. soldiers would hurt him.

  • What is this article mainly about?

The answer: C. Yokoi hid in the jungles of Guam for a lot of years.

  • Look at the events below and think about the article. Which must have happened last?

The answer: C. Yokoi became a hero in Japan

  • From the options below, which two words have almost the similar meaning?

The answer: A. end and finish

  • Think about the article, the reader can tell that …

The answer: B. Yokoi didn’t feel good about going back to Japan.

  • A soldier is someone who …

The answer: C. fights in a war

  • Which is not in the article?

The answer: B. How Yokoi learned the war had ended

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