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Are you looking for some information related to Achieve 3000 and Actively Learn platform? If so, you are at the right page. Here, we are going to talk about them. Please keep staying on this page to find out information you need.

About Achieve 3000 and Actively Learn

Achieve 3000 has acquired Actively Learn. This move makes to help the students build reading stamina and strength. Achieve 3000 and Actively Learn solve the same critical issue that the students right now need to engage with complex texts and use higher-order thinking to become ready truly college and career. Designed to embrace blended learning, the programs are able to be implemented together or separately at schools and districts.

Achieve 3000 is the literacy platform in today’s blended learning programs. It serves nearly three million students worldwide. This Achieve 3000 platform gives differentiated content at 12 levels in English, and 8 in Spanish with built-in supports tailored to each student so that every child will be able to participate in grade-level instruction using the same lesson. According to the research, Achieve 3000’s instruction for grades PreK-12 can reach all students at their individual reading levels to speed up learning, improve performance, and advance readiness for college and career.

Actively Learn is an online literacy platform. It helps the teachers support and reveal student thinking so that the students are able to read for depth. Actively Learn helps the teachers in practicing 12 strategies (for example: Cultivating metacognition and asking higher-order questions) which change how deeply students understand texts. Those strategies are delivered through the features of the platform, a variety of content which covering many subjects, and professional learning. The innovations of Actively Learn have been supported by the Gates Foundation and National Science Foundation.

Actively Learn Prime features

Get Actively Learn Prime for free right now through June 30!

  • Getting Started with Actively Learn Prime easily

Actively Learn Prime is the great tool to engage the students and promote deeper learning. Whether your class is in-person, remote or hybrid, Actively Learn Prime is easy to use. It is supported by real people.

  • Comprehensive and rigorous resources

Support your essence curriculum with sequenced text sets, including novels, textbook sections, short stories, science simulations, news articles, primary sources, and multimedia content aligned to science, and social studies. You will be able to explore the catalog of resources.

  • Collaboration and support

Learning scaffolds such as guiding questions, translations into 100+ languages, text-to-speech, shared annotations, in-line peer discussion, and the real-time teacher feedback make Actively Learn your best platform for synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

  • Engaging, easy to use and flexible

The teachers have ability to upload the texts and videos to make interactive tasks that align to their scope and sequence. Also, they are able to share digital resources and also monitor student progress across with the performance data in the real time.

    1. The teachers can access on any device.
    2. The teachers can do an integration with Google Classroom and Canvas.
    3. The teachers can customize courses with your own content.

Let us try Actively Learn today! Please access to Actively Learn’s extensive content resources and strong features to keep the students connected, engaged, and learning are available with paid subscriptions. You are able to start with a free account to access and set the engaging content in Actively Learn’s catalog.

Logging in and importing classes to Actively Learn with Achieve 3000

The teachers and students are able to login to Actively Learn easily with Achieve 3000. Also, the teachers are able to import their Achieve3000 classes and rosters quickly. Make sure that the teachers are part of school with a paid Actively Learn prime or unlimited plan to access premium features.

Login to Actively Learn with Achieve 3000 as a Teacher

  • At the first step, the teachers will need to login to their Achieve3000 accounts.
  • After that, the teachers have to go to the top left hand corner to open the side menu.
  • In the side menu, please scroll down to the bottom where the tab says “Connect”
  • Under the “Connect” tab teachers are able to click on “Actively Learn”
  • The teachers will be taken to the account creation page.
  • The teachers are going to fill out their title, role, grade level, main subject taught, and how they heard about Actively Learn. Need to note that your school will already be selected.
  • Lastly, you only need to click at Get Started.

Importing Achieve 3000 Classes

From Actively Learn, the teachers are able to import their Achieve3000 classes and rosters quickly. Here are steps to do:

  • Firstly, go to your classes and click on the Add New Classes button.
  • After that, click on the Import Courses from Achieve 3000.
  • The next step is to choose course to import and the grade level for each course.
  • Then, simply click “Import”
  • Your courses eventually will be imported into your account and they are going to show up under the “classes” tab.

Remember that the teachers need to import their classes first before the students can login. The rosters for Achieve3000 classes are going to have students’ information grayed out until the students login. After the students login their information will show up bold in the roster.

Login to Actively Learn with Achieve 3000 as a Student

The students are able to login through any method for Actively Learn as long as they use the same email across all school platforms. Also, the students do not have to login through Achieve 3000 to join their teacher’s class.

Here are steps to login to Actively Learn with Achieve3000 as a student:

  • At the first step, the students have to go to their Achieve3000 accounts.
  • After that, the students go to the “My Resources” tab or the “Main Menu” tab.
  • The last step, simply click on Actively Learn. Automatically the students will be launched into their new Actively Learn account and they are going to see their classes.

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