About Reflex Math App for iPad, iPhone and iOS Devices

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Recently, Reflex Math developed by ExploreLearning is available for iOS. It is known that Reflex Math is only available on the Apple Store for iPad. This math education app is designed for elementary math class students to master any basics on math.

You may already know that the Reflex Math is initially available on PC where you can learn it through your browser such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or also Safari. Then, how the Reflex Math app works to learn math basics. To know more about it, let’s see our post below!

About Reflex Math App for iPad, iPhone and iOS Devices

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What Can You Find on the Reflex Math App?

Within the Reflex Math app, you will find any basic information about math subjects for elementary students such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and also division. Moreover, the Reflex Math app is an adaptive and individualized program that helps the student to master deeply about math basics.

The Reflex Math app is actually a great app for students who get difficulty with basic fact fluency in math subjects. Full of games, it leads the students to learn math in a fun way. This app definitely takes the elementary students at every level, so it really helps them to quickly obtain math facts with more fluency and confidence.

With the use of Reflex Math, the elementary students have answered tons of math facts to increase their skill, test scores and also confidence. On Reflex Math app, you will find a bunch of things, including:

  • An adaptive environment

With a highly adaptive environment, it can continually adjust the students to create the optimal learning experience for every student. Any practices available on Reflex Math are  in the development games.

Sure, those games actually provide a lot of fun alongside a serious amount of practice with answering the facts. It also requires the students to engage in increasingly complex and fast-paced decision making.

With an attractive games environment, the students will have a strong motivation to practice, as the games actually provide challenge and reward consistently for both the student’s effort and progress.

Additionally, the students will quickly build their math fact fluency on Reflex math, through various exciting games requiring the students to answer math facts. Furthermore, They will earn tokens for effort and progress. They can also spend their earnings on accessories and clothes for their customization avatar or to decorate their Progress Tree.

  • Fact family approach

When teaching some new facts, Reflex definitely uses a fact family approach. In this case, a fact family is a group or related facts which use the same numbers such as 3 + 8= = 11, 8 + 3 = 11, 11 – 3 = 8 and 11 – 8 = 3.

However, learning related facts at the same time is totally easier and more efficient than other approaches. Aside from that, the fact family approach also helps the students understand the nature of inverse operations.

  • Individualized instruction

Reflex Math learning also adapts itself for each individual student. In other words, it actually learns which facts and families that the student is not yet fluent with. Then, it continually monitors the progress toward fluency.

Reflex also uses the information when creating instructional decisions for the student. It means that every student is learning and practicing the right facts at the right time.

  • Reporting

Reflex Math learning also includes powerful and intuitive reporting for schools, teachers and districts. It is such a simple way to monitor student usage and progress and to celebrate student success.

As a teacher, after logging into your account, you will be taken to your teacher dashboard that shows overview information for all your classes on Reflex. The report also provides a way to access more detailed reports.

The dashboard will show a few overview stat for each class including:

  • Average fluency gain per student
  • Average days on Reflex per student
  • Average Green Light percentage per student

What Will You Do on the Reflex Math App?

Reflex Math Learning is available for teachers and students grades 2 – 5. Within the Reflex app, the students will be given access either during whole class computer time as a follow up or menu item that will be given a chance at recess or also cycled through classroom tech a few students at a time.

After students have learned the necessary skills to maximize the program, Reflex will take as little as 10 minutes. Then, they can find fast-paced games and rewards while the teachers use the reports which help them monitor and track their students’ progress.

To take any practice, the students will need to log into their account. When logging in, the students may need some information that can be found on the Student Login Cards that they can print from the Manage Roster page.

To login, the students have to go to Reflexmath.com/student. Then, enter their teacher’s name. Choose their class and their name. Last, enter their own password. Well, the students successfully log into their Reflex account.

How to Get a Reflex Math App?

As we’ve mentioned, the Reflex Math app is only available on the App Store for iPad. Of course, to get the Reflex Math app, you just simply go to the Apple Store on your iPad or also visit the App Store on your browser here.

To download Reflex Math, open the Apple Store app on your iPad. Then, discover and search for the app that you want to download. If you want to download Reflex Math, you can do a search by typing ‘Reflex Math’ on the search bar on the App Store.

If you already find Reflex Math, you can click tap the app. Then, the app will be automatically downloaded. As the Reflex Math app is a free app, you will not be charged for downloading the app. As you know, some apps on the Apple store are free and also paid. There are also some apps that offer in-app purchases and subscriptions that you can buy.

After the Reflex Math has been downloaded, you can tap on the app and start using the app to learn any basics of maths, don’t forget to register first.

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