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Every parent or guardian with a child you are currently studying in Austin Independent School District (ISD) has a privilege to access TEAM Parent Self Serve and Online Registration through the thing known as AISD Parent Cloud.

As of now, the only ones that are allowed to access Parent Self Serve via the Parent Cloud are the users listed as Parent/Guardian contact types in TEAMS. As for the other contacts, such as aunts, uncles, or grandparents, they will be able to access the information about the student through Parent Cloud by using the Current Grades and the Attendance tiles. For every parent or guardian who is not able to associate a student to the Parent Cloud account that you have using the account creation screen, you are suggested to reach out to the campus of the child or dial the number of the Parent Technology Support Help Line at 512-414-9187.

About Parent Cloud AISD

  1. The first thing that you should do is to open your favorite internet browser and when it opens, go to my.austinisd.org.
  2. When you are there, click the Click here to create your parent account link.
  3. After clicking it, read the thing called User Agreement and when you are done, do not forget to click the I agree to the above terms of usage box before clicking Next.
  4. The next thing that you have to do is to fill out the Parent Cloud Registration form. For those the parent or the guardian with a student that is currently studying in Austin ISD, please check the Parent/Guardian Contact box and enter the information of the child before clicking Next. It is worth noting that it is a must for the student information that will be entered to match the information in TEAMS. After associating a child to your account and you are also listed as the parent or the guardian of the other children, those children will be immediately associated with your account. In case there is some error and you are not able to see all of your children in Parent Self Serve, do not waste your time and contact the Parent Technology Support Help Line immediately at 512-414-9187.
  5. To protect your account and the information in it, it is important to enter the characters into the right field and then click Next.
  6. By doing so, you will receive an email that will be sent to the email address that you gave. Please click the link that is included in the email to verify your email address and activate your Parent Cloud account.
  7. Then, log in to the platform by using the username and password that you entered on the Parent Cloud Registration form before and then click Next.
  8. It might take a few minutes for your account to be created so please wait a bit.

Once you have successfully made an account, you can log in to TEAMS Parent Self Serve through the AISD Parent Cloud to monitor the grades and attendance of the child. Logging in is easy. All that should be entered is the username and password. If you want to access Parent Self Serve, firstly, you will need to click on My Student-Estudiante from the AISD Parent Cloud homepage. If you have no idea where it is, it is located at the bottom of the screen. Then, click the Grades, Assignments & Attendance (Parent Self Serve) tile on the Cloud desktop. Following the step will direct you to the Parent Self Serve homepage. When you are on the homepage, you can click on the name of the student to view the available information.

There are some tabs that you can use to view the information about the student. Here is every of them:

  • Attendance Tab: This one shows the attendance record of the student up to date. If you want to see the attendance code’s description, click View Legend.
  • Report Cards Tab: This one shows the running average for each course section of the student. clicking on a grade is the thing that should be done if you want to see the student grades by assignment. For everyone who wants to see comments given by the teacher, please click Display Comments.
  • Assignments Tab: Apparently, the default view for assignment grades is by category. If you want to see all assignments listed by the date assigned, you can just click View Assignments by Date. In this tab, you will be able to see a few terms. Blank, EXC or excused, PND or pending, and ABS or absent have no impact on the average of the student. Both I or incomplete and MSG or missing count as a zero in the average calculation. Aside from these two, 0 also counts as a zero in the average calculation. In case the assignment is hyperlinked, it means there is an assignment note and or an attachment included by the teacher. In this case, please click the name of the assignment to see the note and or the attachment. Keep in mind that the assignment notes are read only. as for the assignment attachments, they all can be viewed and downloaded. Downloading or viewing an attachment can be done by choosing the attachment and then clicking Download/View Attachment. You can click Return to Assignments if you want to go back to the assignments list.
  • Email Teacher Tab: This one allows the parents or guardians to send an email to the teachers directly from Parent Self Serve. Each email that is sent from this tab will be sent directly to the ASID email address of the teacher.
  • Edit Contact Info: This one allows the parents or guardians to edit the phone numbers and the email address from Parent Self Serve.
  • Notifications Tab: This one allows the parents or guardians to edit setup notifications for attendance and grades.
  • Campus Messages Tab: This one shows the messages that are posted by the campus of the student to Parent Self Serve. It is an effective way for the campuses to communicate with the parents.

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