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With Kahoot Club, you will be able to share your learning experience and also collaborate with other users in one virtual place. Kahoot group actually lets the users share their knowledge with each other, host live games and challenge, as well as co-create learning material.

Kahoot Group is such a flexible new way to share content about common topics and interest to learn from others. Since the Kahoot group is a useful place for sharing any common topics with each other, you may wonder how to create the Kahoot Group and how to use it. To know more about Kahoot Group/ Club, let’s see our post below!

How to Create a Kahoot Group/ Club?

Creating a Kahoot Group/ Club is pretty easy to do, as long as you have logged into your Kahoot account. After logging in, you can then choose the ‘Groups’ option from the top navigation bar. Then, select the ‘Create Group’ option.

In the next step, you may have to enter your group’s name and then add a description before you invite other members to join. You can invite members either by looking for their Kahoot username or via email. Fortunately, Kahoot members do not require a paid Kahoot subscription.

In the case of creating a Kahoot group, it may only take a couple of clicks to begin adding Kahoots to your group. You can then choose the ‘Add Kahoot’ button and look for Kahoots that you want to add to your group.

Select the Add kahoot button

After you have found the Kahoots you want, you just simply choose ‘Add’. Then, the group members can now find it in the ‘Shared content’ tab in the group. If a user has accepted your invitation, they will add their own Kahoots to the group. Aside from that, host Kahoots will also already be shared in the group by other members. To note, the group members will not be able to edit Kahoots that are shared by others.

Okay, creating a Kahoot group is very easy, isn’t it? So, it’s your turn to start creating a Kahoot Group/ Club and start sharing your content with other members now.

What Are Benefits of Kahoot Club?

The main benefit of Kahoot group/ club is to let the members share their knowledge and games, so the members can collaborate with each other easily. With the Kahoot group, the members will be able to share Kahoot games with specific groups and set their level of access.

Within full flexibility, you can securely share your Kahoot contents to a group of individuals as defined by you through Kahoot group. The Kahoot members will also be able to play your Kahoots as live games or as self-paced challenges.

Your group members can also access and host the Kahoot that you specify, however you cannot edit them at all. Additionally, their hosting experience will depend on their Kahoot plan.

Another important benefit that you can get through Kahoot group is to build full control over a secure library of content. In this case, the admins of Kahoot Group will be able to maintain full control over content.

In addition to sharing your Kahoot content, you can also share your content with external individuals and also within your organization. With Azure AD and OKTA SSO, the members from your organization can integrate into Kahoot easily.

What Can You Do in Kahoot Group?

Within Kahoot Group, you will also create content and then share it to other group members. However, your group members can only see your content in the group, without editing it.

You can also invite new or existing individuals to see your Kahoot content. Adding or removing content and group members are exactly the common activities that you can do within Kahoot group.

Collaborating with any audience is another activity you can do such as building a group by team,  organization, department, location or any other use case. Moreover, your group members can share their personal content with other members for input and collaboration.

Other features that will come to Kahoot is to let the members manage multiple group admins and transfer ownership. Another one is to manage recommended group types and recommended content for specific groups.

How to Search for Games to Add It to Your Kahoot Group?

You may want to add some games to your Kahoot group. Certainly, you will need to search for the games first, if you want to add an existing group. To search for Kahoot games, make sure you log into your Kahoot account. Your Kahoot account will be necessary to access all contents within the app.

To search for Kahoot games, you may need to go to Kahoot.com. After that, click on the ‘Log In’ button that you can find on the homepage of Kahoot. The Login Page will require you to enter your username or email and password that you have input when registering.

After clicking on the ‘Login’ button, it will take you into your profile. There, you will see some menus that lead you to find hundreds of contents within Kahoot. To search for Kahoot games, you can select the ‘Discover’ menu.

By clicking the ‘Discover’ menu, it will bring you a ton of games in different genres such as social studies, science, math, ELA and many more. Make sure to choose a smart auto suggestion or keep searching the learning games to search for the Kahoot games that you want to play.

On the Search button, type the keyword that is related to your games. By typing related keywords, it will bring you a list of learning games. So you can select one learning game/ quiz you want.

Another easy way to search for the Kahoot games you like, you can use the filter feature. You can filter your result by Subject, by Grade, By Language and also Content by. You can also use the Filter to choose Subject, Language, Grade and Content as you want.

After finding the learning game/ quiz you want, click on it and start playing the game. Okay, that’s how to search for the Kahoot games. After you have found the games you like, you can then share it to your group members.

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