How to Spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)

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Apparently, there have been a lot of differences on how to spell 80, whether it’s Eighty or Eightty. There are some people who say that it’s Eightty, while other people say it’s Eighty. In this article, we are going to inform you of the correct answer.

How Do You Spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)

How to spell 80? Eighty or Eightty? Remember that the correct spelling for the number 80 is Eighty. The best method to remember the spelling of 80 is to use the word “Eight,” and then add “y” thus “Eighty”.

The funny thing about the spelling is this: Eight, Eighteen, Eighty are correct, but Eightty is incorrect, that is the nature of the English language.

By the way, when can I use Eightty? Keep in mind that the word “Eightty” is not correct. You are able to see “eightty” as a result of the mistake of writing “Eighty”. Thus, you do not have to use the word “Eightty” in your sentences because it is not correct. The best way to describe the number 80 is to write it as Eighty, not Eightty.

How to Spell 80 (Eighty or Eightty)-

About the number 80 (Eighty)

80 (eighty) is a natural number following 79 and preceding 81. In mathematics, the natural numbers are those numbers utilized for counting and ordering. For your information, numbers utilized for counting are called cardinal numbers. And, numbers utilized for ordering are called ordinal numbers. Sometimes, natural numbers are utilized as labels, known as nominal numbers, which have none of the properties of numbers in a mathematical sense.

In mathematics, 80 (eighty) is:

  • the sum of Euler’s totient function over the first sixteen integers.
  • a semiperfect number, because adding several subsets of its divisors (e.g., 1, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 40) gives 80.
  • a menage number.
  • palindromic in bases 9 (889), 15 (5515), 3 (22223), 6 (2126), 19 (4419) and 39 (2239).
  • a repdigit in bases 19, 3, 9, 15, and 39.

In science, 80 (eighty) is:

  • an atomic number of mercuries

In religion, 80 (eighty) is:

  • According to Exodus 7:7, Moses was 80 (eighty) years old when he spoke to Pharaoh on behalf of his people. Today, 80 (eighty) years of age is the upper age limit for cardinals to vote in papal elections.

In other fields, 80 (eighty) is:

  • utilized in the classic book; Around the World in Eighty Days.
  • the length of the War or Dutch revolt in 1568 to 1648).
  • the standard TCP port number for HTTP connections
  • the 80A, 80B and 80C photographic filters for excessive redness under the lighting of tungsten.
  • a year 80 BC, AD 80, or 1980.
  • an older version of the 5Y3GT rectifier tube.
  • a limit in computing for the characters per line, derived from the number of columns in IBM cards.
  • a song from American band Green Day called “80.”
  • an alien superhero called Ultraman 80.
  • the boiling temperature of pure water at the level of sea (on the Reaumur scale).

Definition of Eighty

Here is definition of eighty:

In British English


Word forms: plural -ies

  • the cardinal number which is the product of ten and eight.
  • a numeral, representing this number.
  • the numbers 80–89, especially a person’s age or the year of a particular century.
  • the amount or quantity which is eight times as big as ten
  • something represented by, or consisting of 80 units


  • amounting to eighty: eighty pages of nonsense
  • as pronoun: eighty are expected

In American English


  1. eight times ten


Word forms: plural ˈeighties

  1. A cardinal number between seventy-nine and eighty-one; 80; LXXX


the eighties

In American English

(ˈeiti) (noun plural eighties)


  • a cardinal number, ten times eight
  • a symbol for the number, as 80
  • a set of this many persons or thing


  • amounting to 80 in number

How To Use Eighty in A Sentence?

Here are some example sentences using Eighty:

  • She has lived more than eighty years.
  • That is eighty or ninety miles.
  • Of these eighty churches, twenty on the continent of Europe, twelve were in the United Kingdom, sixteen in North America, ten in Asia, three in South America, nine in Africa, two in New Zealand, one in Jamaica, six in Australia, and one in Melanesia.
  • The Egyptians had only three lines of battleships and fifteen large frigates, as well a swarm of small craft which raised their total number to eighty and upwards.
  • The Russians government subscribed for eighty million worth of shares.
  • The institution quickly spread, counting twenty-one houses before his death and eighty before that of St Jeanne.
  • After a trip of eighty days across the Pacific, he found the Solomon Islands and the expedition returned safely.
  • Of the former approximately eighty can be regarded as well characterized, even though many more have been described.
  • Out of her long life of eighty years, fifty were spent amid its mountains and lakes, first as a schoolboy at Hawkshead, and afterwards as a resident at Grasmere and Rydal Mount.
  • Without taking any step to verify it, he put on a blue and white uniform and placed himself at the head of several eighty men, who marched towards the castle.
  • In August, Sinan Pasha became eighty years of age. He took command of the troops for the Hungarian War and left Constantinople.
  • There are eighty thousand of them and they fight like tigers.
  • There is an eighty three percent chance he will kill you, if you are not behind those walls.
  • She arrived in Paris on the 17th of April 1765 in possession of one hundred and eighty oriental manuscripts.
  • He was eighty years old when he published the collection of new verses entitled Demeter and other Poems in the year 1889 that appeared almost simultaneously with the death of Browning.
  • She died at the age of one hundred and eighty.
  • She continued to write tragedies till the age of eighty, when she exhibited a play in the same year, when she was twenty years of age.

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