8 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

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For everyone from actors to presenters, stage fright is common. Even the most confident presenters sometimes can suffer from stage fright. If you have stage fright, then you will be able to feel shaky, nervous, or even completely debilitated at the thought of performing in front of the audiences. Do not worry, you will be able to overcome your stage fright by training your own body and mind to relax and attempting several tricks. If you really want to know how to overcome stage fright, make sure you follow these steps below.

8 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

Here are eight ways to overcome stage fright:

Way 1: Belly Breathe.

The first way to overcome stage fright is belly breathing. You are able to inhale deeply into your belly and your lungs. Then, exhale slowly. Just feel the breath wash over your own body like a wave, from toe to head and head to toe. Simply, you are able to repeat it. For note: It is important to learn how to breathe diaphragmatically. It is going to help you to have a resonant voice. Also, it is going to calm you and slow your heart rate.

Way 2: Feel your body – mainly your extremities.

The second way to overcome stage fright is to feel your own body, especially your extremities. In this way, you are able to feel your hands, your feet, your ears and your nose. Be as physically in your own body as possible.

Here is an exercise to do:

  • Firstly, you have to rub your hands together quickly.
  • Please develop some heat in them.
  • Then, you are able to feel the heat.
  • After that, you have to hold your palms close together and start to separate them slowly.
  • Please feel the energy between your palms.
  • Now, you are able to take that energy and wash it over your own body from head to toe.
  • Just allow any tension in your own muscles to release when you wash the energy over them.

Way 3: See your environment.

The third way to overcome stage fright is to see your environment. In this way, you need to see your environment such as the people around you, the lights, and the stuff surrounding you.  Also, you need to force yourself to see the colors, textures and shapes. Just let your sight pull you into the present moment.

Way 4: Have faith in something greater.

The fourth way to overcome stage fright is to have faith in something greater. Having spiritual practice is great. You are able to use it now. Also, try considering the possibility that this experience might be bigger than you. Imagine yourself, where you are right now physically, as if you are watching yourself from outer space. At any given moment, from this perspective, we are all only tiny specks amidst a wide sea of a universe. A crucial speck, however, a small part of the greater whole none-the-less.

Way 5: Trust the process.

The fifth way to overcome stage fright is trust the process. You have to remind yourself of all the work you have already done to get here. All the hours of practice, learning and fine-tuning the choreography in your own body. Yes, everyone could always do more. But it is show time. You have to trust that you are as prepared as you are supposed to be at this time.

Way 6: Plan something to look forward to after the show.

The sixth way to overcome stage fright is to plan something to look forward to after the show. You are able to plan a nice meal, a hot bath, or watch your favorite movie. Something concrete and tangible will assist to remind you that this is only a show. This is like one piece of fabric from the entire quilt of your life.

Way 7: Decide.

The seventh way to overcome stage fright is Decide. In this way, you are able to decide beforehand to be proud of yourself afterwards, for only going out there and dancing the heck out of your performance, regardless of how it goes.

Way 8: Have Fun.

The eighth way to overcome stage fright is to have fun. When you create the goal of the performance to have fun and enjoy yourself, instantly you set yourself up for success. Then, you will be able to relax. When you relax and have fun, usually things will go a lot better.  And, if they still do not go so well, at least you had a good time in the process. That is what performance is all about.

Other Ways to Remove Stage Fright

Here are some other ways to remove stage fright:

  1. Prepare your Speech / notes/ key points
  • You are able to outline and prepare your speech, notes or key points.
  • For beginners, you are able to prepare and write down your speech and practice as much as possible. There is nothing wrong with writing down and preparing your speech.
  • After you get comfortable with it, you are able to write down notes or key points for the speech and prepare it in your mind.
  • If you want to quote someone or some facts, ensure to double-check them. It will assist you be more comfortable with what you are presenting.
  1. Practice your speech
  • You are able to practice your speech in front of a mirror or in front of your family. It will help you build self-confidence.
  • Initially, you are able to start speaking with keeping speech in your hand, and after you are comfortable keep key-points in your hand and try speaking yourself.
  • Speaking in front of closed ones will be able to remove your fears and make you more comfortable and finally will build your confidence
  1. Interact with your audience
  • Please take 2-3 minutes, and introduce yourself. Interact with your audience, and then start with your topic.
  • You are able to make eye contact with familiar persons or a person who is most interested in your talk. It will assist you build your confidence.

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