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ou may get a hard clue for a crossword available in LA Times Crossword on October 19, 2021. And, you have not found the answer for its clue yet. Whereas, its crossword clue is likely easy to answer. What is the LA Times Crossword clue that you cannot answer?

You may be looking for the LA Times Crossword answer for the clue ’24 Analyst Chloe’. This crossword clue is likely hard to answer, so you need to look for the answer from any sources. No worries! This post will show you the LA Times Crossword answer, based on the clue you’re looking for. Here you go!

Here’s the Possible Answer for ‘24 Analyst Chole’!

According to the LA Times Crossword Answer site, the possible answer for the clue of ‘24 Analyst Chloe’ is OBRIAN. We do not guarantee that this answer is actually correct, but many sources inform us that this is the correct answer for the clue of ’24 Analyst Chloe’.

24 Analyst Chloe Crossword Clue..

For more information, the ’24 analyst Chloe’ clue was available in LA Times Daily Crossword. Well, it does not wonder if the answer for its clue is a little bit hard, so you may need to make a serious effort to find its answer.

If you are not sure of the answer that we show above, you can attempt to find out its answer from any sources that provide the LA Times Crossword Answers. Make sure to search for more answers for all LA Times Crossword Clues.

More LA Times Crossword Answers

Aside from looking for the answer for the clue of ’24 analyst Chloe’, you may also want to know more answers that are available in the LA Times Daily Crossword. To make it easy for you to get the answers, we also show you a list of LA Times Crossword clues and answers available on October 19, 2021.

Here are they:


Clues Possible Answers
In the thick of is Amid
Honey I __ the Kids: 1989 comedy Shrunk
Brown bag staple initially PBJ
Waves from the back of a boat Wake
Like some sandpaper Coarse
Sam Adams e.g. Ale
Flickered-out flames? Exes
24 analyst Chloe __ Obrian
Operate Run
Good thing to have for a change? Diaperbag
Judith of Down Home Ivey
Diplomats post Embassy
Reacted to a really bad pun perhaps Winced
Thrash about Flail
Think tank output Report
South African grassland Veld
Place to bowl Lane
Hunk of bacon say Slab
Flood deterrent Levee
Like a Frappuccino Iced
Severe criticism Hell
Word with teen or golden Ager
Nab in a trap Snare
The Ellery Queen Award is one Edgar
Mideast or Midwest Region
Motorcyclists invitation Climbon
Youre gonna need a bigger boat movie Jaws
Biblical prophet Hosea
Apple known by its first three letters Macintosh
Notable period Era
Words to live by Maxim
R&Bs India.__
Actress de Armas Ana
Light as a fire Kindle
Demolish Raze
Bench press muscle briefly Pec
Barflies Sots
Winter ride Sled


Clues Possible Answers
Blown away Inawe
Calf-covering skirt Maxi
DIY furniture brand Ikea
Movie with Minions Despicableme
Got a run home Scored
Avocation Hobby
__ avis Rara
Spoon-bender debunked by the Amazing Randi Urigeller
Code-breaking org. NSA
Jedi Master Obi-Wan ___ Kenobi
Repair bill heading Parts
B.B. King genre Blues
Female donkey Jenny
12/24 and 12/31 Eves
Meteors and what three Down answers aptly contain Fallingstars
Manufactured Produced
Genies offering Wish
Run without moving IDLE
Hud Oscar-winner Patricia Neal
Flu symptom Fever
Diner list for animal product avoiders Veganmenu
Antioxidant berry ACAI
Old Roman fiddler Nero
Eves first home Eden
Italys Como per esempio Lago
Fixed with thread Sewn
Arizona MLBers Dbacks
Workers rewards Raises
Inexpensive Cheap
SNL producer Michaels Lorne
Author Asimov Isaac
Rapper with the 2013 #1 album Born Sinner JCOLE
Also includes Adds
Face-to-face exam Oral
XL or L but not LX Size
Take to heart Heed
Brazil metropolis Rio

About  Chloe O’Brian

After finding the answers for the clue of ’24 analyst Chloe’, you may wonder who Chloe is. If you have watched the series ‘24’, you may be unfamiliar with Chloe. Yeah… Chloe o’Brian is a fictional character on the television series ‘24’ that was played by actress Mary Lynn Rajskub.

In the series, Chloe O’Brian was an analyst at CTU Los Angeles and later then in New York and was also known as Jack Bauer’s most trusted colleague, often doing uncommon and illegitimate favors for him, even at personal risk.

Having a role as O’Brian, Rajskub has appeared in 137 episodes of 24, more than any other actor. As an exception, the series star Kiefer Sutherland appeared in the 2014 episode of the series. Thanks to her stunning role, UGO.com finally named her one of the best TV nerds, while AOL named her as one of the 100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters.

Talking about O’Brian character, she is described as a very intelligent woman; especially in computer science. Her skills in computer science cannot be separated from her efforts to spend most of her time behind a computer terminal. She did it, as she was rarely sent on field assignments; despite having demonstrated proficiency with weapons on Days 4, 5, and 8.

O’Brian does a very good job even under extreme pressure, but she often shows a level of social awkwardness when under pressure. Despite her lack of social grace, O’Brian has made some friends at CTU who have proven to have great loyalty to them.

O’Brian is known to help the CTU Agents to pursue Edmunds to keep his daughter from a previous relationship once the mother of  the child left Chase and her son. In carrying out her duties, she even considered the child as his own.

O’Brian and Milo Pressman dated briefly, before the start of Day 6. It is known that this is the beginning of animosity between Milo and Morris. Toward the end of Day 6, it is said that O’Brian is pregnant with Morris’s child.

In interviews to  Fox with miniseries. ’24: Live Another Day’, Kiefer Sutherland revealed that Mary Lynn Rajskub will reprise her role as Chloe. He also reveals that the relationship between him and Jack Bauer will be more hostile than before.

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