15 Best Paying Jobs in Precious Metals

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Over the next 10 years, the industry of precious metals will expand by approximately 25%. It means that many more people will have the bigger opportunities to work in ore mining and smelting, refining and jewelry-making. It happens since the prices for all types of precious metals have increased significantly.

Reportedly, there are a number of job opportunities in precious metals you can get. Of course, the salary of each position in precious metals will be different. To make it easier for you to find the best-paying jobs in precious metals, we will show you the list of job opportunities available in the precious metals industry. Here are they:

1) Precious Metal Broker

Salary range: $70,000

Over the past several years, brokers in the precious metals industry have seen an increase in popularity. Based on a study, this industry is one of the top two industries where many people wish to work in. Of course, this popularity relates to some factors.

Precious metal brokers actually need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a certain amount of experience. Well, it will help to ensure that only those with the necessary skills will be hired.

2) Metals production Specialist

Salary range: $78,106

In addition to precious metal brokers, metals production specialists can be a great option. They have responsibility to determine the chemical composition of a product, choose the method and temperature of the smelting process, process ore to produce steel and produce alloys with required properties.

3) Goldsmith

Salary range: $47,000 per year

The job opportunity of goldsmith has been in high demand. It cannot be separated from the fact that golds become rapidly popular as a means of investment. Keep in mind, goldsmiths are among the lowest paying jobs in precious metals.

4) Quality Control Specialist

Salary range: $72,309

This is one of the best paying jobs in the precious metal industry. The job description of a quality control specialist is to test and assess precious jewelry products, identify product defects, record and report issues and make necessary repairs.

5) Miner

Salary range: –

The job opportunity of a gold miner is not for everyone, since this career offers very lucrative pay and is respected by many. Of course, you must have an in-depth knowledge of geology and mining techniques in order to become a gold miner.

Aside from that, you must have very, very good health, since you will spend long periods of time at high altitudes. Keep in mind, mining is a seasonal business, so you can take advantage of your chance when the job opportunity is available.

6) Precious metal advisor consultant

Salary range: $71,687

As a precious metal advisor consultant, you will work closely with clients who are interested in investing in precious metals. You may need to assess the market and set which metals are perfect to buy and when to buy them, according to individual client wishes.

7) Jewelry and Coin Specialist

Salary range: $62,000

The demand for jewelry and coin sales specialists has been increasing for over the years. It actually happens since there is a growing interest in the artisan and collectible industries. The salary of jewelry and coin sales specialists has remained among the highest in the industry.

8) Jewelry Designer

Salary range: $45,000

If you have a plan to apply for a Jewelry Designer position, you should know that the salary and the duties of this position will vary depending on experience level. To conduct this job, you need to use your creativity, skills, and client desire to make fine jewelry from bracelets to wedding bands out of precious metals and stones.

9) Jewelry Salesperson

Salary range: $35,000

The main job of a jewelry salesperson is to facilitate purchasing, selling and evaluating precious metal and precious stone jewelry pieces. It is known that jewelry sales are where the most money is made with the industry. As a jewelry salesperson, you will earn commission on your sales.

10) Precious Metals Advisor Consultant

Salary range: $89,000

Just like most other sectors in the economy, the job opportunity of precious metals advisor consultant has increased. One of the factors that influence it is due to the low amount of available job openings.

11) Precious Metal Worker

Salary range: $42,500

As a precious metal worker, you will deal with precious metals and metal alloys in the production of jewelry, furniture, antique restoration, blacksmithing and many more. In fact, a lot of industries will employ precious metal workers.

12) Jewelry Repair

Salary range: –

An important function for those who are working in the business is repairing jewelry. People who even have a minimum of experience can slightly make a modest amount of money repairing jewelry. Reportedly, the salary for this profession may not be much, since this field falls into the low-paying job category in precious metals.

13) Gemologist

Salary range: –

Applying for a gemologist position means that you are really interested in the popular market for golds, diamonds or other precious metals. In short, a gemologist is a person who works to identify and explain gemstones.

A gemologist may also be involved to identify a rare gemstone or also determine the value of a gemstone for auction. Since it is related to precious metals and works, the job as a gemologist can be very beneficial.

14) Lapidaries

Salary range: –

Even though this profession is not popular, like other job positions in precious metals, lapidaries are pretty lucrative. The term ‘Lapidary’ means someone who cleans and cuts precious stones for the aim of creating jewelry. Their job is often conducted by people with a jewelry making or design background.

15) Jewelry Appraisal

Salary range: $100,000 per year

The duty of jewelry appraise is often related to a precious metals analyst where they work to evaluate the worth of items. The appraiser, however, also provides an estimate of their value as well. Just like precious metal analysts, the salary of an appraiser can be significant as well.

Well, those are 15 best-paying jobs you can choose in the Precious Metals industry. Good Luck!!!

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