13+ Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

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It’s not wrong if you try to apply for a job in Marine Transportation, since there are some benefits you will get when working in marine transportation. There are a number of best-paying jobs you can choose in marine transportation and of course, each position will give you a certain amount of pay.

Since there are a number of jobs in marine transportation either a sea-based job or land-based job, you must be selective to find out which marine transportation job that will give you the best-paying job. No worries! This post will give you a list of 13+ best paying jobs in marine transportation you can select. Here are they:

13+ Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation,

1) Marines Surveyor

Salary range: $40,000 – $84,500

As a marine surveyor, your job is to inspect maritime transport vessels. Of course, you should regularly and thoroughly check every inch of a ship to make sure that the vessel is seaworthy and compatible with laws.

You also need to inspect the loading and unloading of cargo on ship. Another duty of a marine transportation is to create inspection reports and disseminate findings to ship owners and managers.

2) Ship Superintendent

Salary range: $67,750

You can also try to apply for a Ship Superintendent position that works to make sure that all repairs on a ship are done correctly, particularly when the ship is in dry dock. Reportedly, Ship Superintendent is one of the best-paying jobs in marine transportation.

As a Ship Superintendent, you are also responsible to determine what repairs will be needed and how much money the project will cost. You also should keep in touch with the repair company to make sure that the repairs are correctly completed.

3) Marine Engineer

Salary range: $79,976

The responsibility of marine engineers is about the ship’s machinery maintenance and repair. The principal propulsion engines are the main focus of the work of marine engineers. They are also responsible for auxiliary apparatus and systems that are commonly used in a number of boats, ships and offshore buildings. As a marine engineer, you also need to design, setup, operation, upkeep and repairs of various parts.

4) Radio Technician

Salary range: $47,000 – $71,000

As a radio technician, you will specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of broadcasting systems for a radio station. Some parts of radio technician jobs include choosing and maintaining the equipment which is best suitable for the radio program and also making electrical and equipment repairs as needed.

5) Port Engineer

Salary range: $71,500

As a port engineer, you will work on the technical parts of running a port and building its infrastructure. It is known that Port Engineer is one of the best paying jobs in marine transportation.

The important part of your job is to make sure that engineering work complies with safety standards and maritime regulations. You will also be responsible for keeping ships in good shape and fixing them.

6) Port Captain

Salary range: $112,250 per year

Port captain is responsible to make sure that the ships in a port are ready for their voyages by supervising them. In this case, all maritime safety protocols should be followed and crews should be adequate in qualifications and size and also have the proper equipment.

As a port captain, you should be able to lift heavy loads and work in bad weather, aside from being knowledgeable about the ocean. Overall, the port captain needs to ensure that the port operates smoothly.

7) Marine Technician

Salary range: $36,000 – $51,500

As a marine technician, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing the plumbing and electrical systems of boats, yachts and other watercraft. Furthermore, you will work with mechanical systems, perform regular maintenance, fix damaged parts and also run diagnostic tests to identify problems. You may also need to perform operational testing, install new systems, make suggestions and upgrade existing systems.

8) Shipbuilding Engineer

Salary range: $70,000 – $82,000

Shipbuilding engineers work to design and build marine ships on the engineering side. Just like other engineering professions, a shipbuilding yard will need about four years of schooling before an individual is eligible to work there.

9) Naval Architect

Salary range: $70,000 – $100,000

As a Naval Architect, your tasks are all in charge of designing, building and fixing boats, ships and other marine vessels and offshore structures, both military and civilian. While doing this job, you will use your understanding of physics, engineering, materials and also architecture to manage the equipment required by boat builders and engineering firms.

10) Skilled Seamanship

Salary range: $53,000.

The main job of skilled seamanship is to really know how to run a ship. Specifically, that is a collection of the skills and knowledge that are needed for navigation, boat maintenance, boat handling and the law of the sea.

The skill covers working as a member of a crew and when necessary, as a skipper in charge of a crew. It is not strange if seamen are among the high-paying jobs in marine transportation. At sea, skilled seamanships will perform a wide variety of duties.

11) Ship Mate

Salary range: $25,000 – $47,500

As a shipmate, you will work as a crew member on a cargo ship, transport ship, container ship or other large boat. Well, the responsibilities of a shipmate will depend on your expertise and the needs of the ships you serve on. You will be in control of the onboard systems or you may help with the boat’s navigation or steering.

12) Vessel Operator

Salary range: $62,000 – $85,000

The main task of a vessel operator is about the management of many shipboard tasks such as payment, payroll and paperwork, which falls under the purview of the vessel operator. As a vessel operator, you may need to attend meetings with stevedores, agents, independent contractors and crew members.

13) Marine Painter

Salary range: $33,500 – $43,000

As a marine painter, you will have to paint vessels and structures using specialized spray equipment. You may also need to use unique compounds which prevent corrosion or make a membrane that seals the boat.

14) Marine Welder

Salary range: $35,000 – $50,000

In order to do welding on offshore equipment, a marine welder should submerge themselves. You may need to operate in various aquatic environments. Because of their certification as divers, you definitely can perform hyperbaric welding at various depths.

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