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Coastal Caroline University has a thing called Webadvisor CCU for students, parents, and guardians. It is really helpful for them to access a lot of things related to the university. In this post, you will be informed about the one for students, which is called Webadvisor CCU for Students.

Accessing Webadvisor CCU

If you want to access the Webadvisor CCU, the first thing that should be done is to go to the official website at https://webadvisor.coastal.edu. When you are there, click on the Log In tab and then enter your username and password. After that, choose your point of entry from the WebAdvisor Main Menu.

Accessing Webadvisor CCU
Logging in to Webadvisor CCU

In order to log in to webadvisor CCU, you will need to have a username and password. For those who have no idea, your username and password are the same ones as the ones that are used for CCU email. In case you do not know two of them, you can access the Account Lookup page at https://www.coastal.edu/search/pin/ and you will be given a guide to access everything. Apart from that, you will also be given your CCU ID number.

Registering for classes

Students is the menu for you to click if you want to register for classes. By clicking it, you will be able to use some different options below the Registration Menu, the one where to search and register for classes or sections.

If you want to search for sections, firstly, click on Search for Sections, the one that will make you enabled to view the Course Sections that are available. Feel free to limit your search by term, subject, course number, course level, course title, section, meeting days and times, locations/sections, the last name of the instructor, or academic level. For those who want to register for Course Sections, then Register for Sections is the one that has to be clicked.

Dropping a class in Webadvisor CCU

To be able to drop Course Sections, you will have to click on Drop Sections. Next, choose the Course Section(s) that you want to drop, which can be done by checking the box located beside it. After choosing, do not forget to click the Submit button. In the end, you will be shown the result of your drop(s) and add(s).

Viewing your class schedule

For everyone who wants to view your Class Schedule, you can just click on My Class Schedule. Then, choose the appropriate term and then please click Submit. Aside from the file, you can also print your schedule on the piece of paper.

Evaluating your program

There is a Program Evaluation that allows you to monitor your academic progress toward your degree requirements. With it, you will also be able to see how much of your current academic reword would apply to the prospective program in the what if scenario. To know about the method to use Program Evaluation and interpretation of the report, you are encouraged to access the Program Evaluation Information flyer.

Applying for graduation

Through Webadvisor CCU, it is possible for you to apply for graduation. Here is the link to click if you want to know more about it: https://www.coastal.edu/registrar/using-campus-systems/webadvisorstudents/applyforgraduation/.

Viewing total grades listing

If you want to view the total grade listing, first of all, choose the Transcript from the pull down menu. Then, click on the Submit button. Doing so will show you a total listing of all courses taken at Coastal Carolina University and the Total Earned Credits, Total Grade Points, Total Graded Hours and Cumulative GPA.

Viewing midterm grades

The midterm grades can be viewed by clicking in the appropriate box for the one that you want to view. The second step is to choose the Academic Level such as Undergraduate, Graduate, and so on. Once you have picked the Academic Level, please click on the Submit button. Just like that you are able to see the Term, Midterm GPA, and a list of all courses along with the midterm grades and credit hours on the screen.

Viewing Hold and Restrictions

On the screen, you are able to see View Hold / Restrictions. Some different offices across campus put the holds on the record of the student. Apparently, some students are prevented from viewing grades and transcript information due to some holds, while some of them prevent the student from registering or dropping classes.

Changing your address

If you have moved to a new place or if you want to change your address for a certain reason, you can do it by submitting a Student Address Update from 9here) to the Office of the Registrar.

Using E-Advising

E-Advising is the term to call the thing that provides an integrated approach for registration through Webadvisor CCU. With it, both advisors and advisers are allowed to plan and register for requirements as they relate to the overall educational goals of the students.

In order to access the E-Advising module, all that you need to do is to click on the eAdvising link that can be found under the Academic Planning menu on the WebAdvisor for Students main menu.

Repeating forgiveness

Students have the right to repeat forgiveness for up to 13 undergraduate credits during their time at Coastal Carolina University for sources taken at this place. To learn more about the course repeat forgiveness, please go to: https://www.coastal.edu/registrar/using-campus-systems/webadvisorstudents/courserepeatforgiveness/#d.en.132233.

For more information about Webadvisor CCU for students and for parents or guardians, it is better for you to visit its official website. In case you have some questions, you can find their contact on its official website. There are some contacts for different purposes so please choose the one that suits your needs. Before contacting them, you are encouraged to dig deeper on its official website to find the answer to your question. It might be also a good idea to find the community related to Coastal Carolina University. In this kind of place, a lot of people with the same needs usually gather so there is a chance for them to help you.

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